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RP Scene : Parasitic Problems

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Just a quick painting of one of the scenes from one of my and :icondamienmuerte: ‘s long ass roleplay novels. Here’s a snippet of the scene vvvvvv

The twins just watched stunned and horrified for a moment as the chaos ensued. It all happened so fast... Suddenly a behemoth of a worm rose from the bile and was casting their entire boat in its enormous shadow while trying to swallow their new virus friend.

The worm threw its head back, snapping its jaws around Damien, leaving him bouncing around inside its mouth at risk of sliding down its gullet like the germfish did before him. It could feel the vibrations in the water from the boat motor, swinging its massive head around to face the boat and baring it’s teeth in another loud roar, which was cut short as huge fireballs began exploding from its face, one after another in booms that matched the intensity of its roar. It recoiled with a shrill squall of pain, flailing its head from side to side as it was engulfed in flames. This slung Damien out of its mouth, sending him flying through the air to land in the turbulent bile some ways away. “REEEEEEEEE” It squalled, it’s exoskeleton fracturing and breaking in its jaw and body from the impact of the explosions while the fire ate away at its mouth and throat.

Seeing their opportunity, the twins looked at eachother with a nod and simultaneously mutated to their draconic forms, taking to the sky. Pandora quickly found Damien, diving into the bile like a bird of prey, her talons extended to scoop him out. Lifting him, she quickly soared back to the boat, gently setting him down before joining her brother who was circling around the great beast, blasting bright fiery laser like beams at the worm, causing more fire explosions where it contacted and sliced up its exoskeleton. The worm tried tracking Xic’s sounds, enraged and snapping its jaws haphazardly after him in the air.

Pandora and Xic flew around it in large circles, blasting their firebeams at it and spiraling up its neck like a molten candy cane. They broke formation, Xic continuing to assault it with firebeams while Pandora took her talons to its face, causing its body fluids to rain down onto the boat, and Damien, as they carved it up as much as possible for their small comparative size. Her talons infected it, causing molten veins to spread over its upper body, though it wasn’t strong enough to make it explode as it would to a cell. Reeling in pain, the worms monstrous coiling body arched out of the water, flailing and causing a huge tidal wave that lifted the boat and washed it against the bank, beaching it inland tangled in the viny mass of swamp microflora and trees.
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And NOM... you have left the best part out of the copy and paste text XD ... well, for Damien it was the most horrible part you could have done XD

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Reminds me of the sandworms from <i>Dune</i>

Edit: F*** Eclipse, in the old DA that was supposed to italicize words