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Buddies 2


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Buddies 2


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Stephen James Snyder

In memory of Stephen

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Buddies 2

Custom Edited sprites Donkey Kong Country

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Desert Oasis

Custom Donkey Kong Country Levels

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DK hook new

Custom animated DKC sprites

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Stephen James Snyder


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Charlie Chaplin Halloween Costume 1

Halloween 2014

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Snow leopard sculpture

Intermediate Ceramics I 2014

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Riley portrait

Painting 1

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Cosmic Necklace


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Yooka-Laylee nails


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Pittsburgh Penguins hockey puck earrings

Sculpy figures

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3d spring 2013

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Groucho Marx cigar holder with cigar

Ceramics college 2012

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Hard worker

Photography 2012

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Scott Lucas before receiving my painting (Local H)


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Aroma Italiano wall 2

Aroma Italiano Mural

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My first Chucks


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2 figures 1 page

Figure Drawing college 2012

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My sister and brother-in-law holding the cake topp

My sister's wedding 2011

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Creepy baby

Drawing 1 college 2011

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Tiny hands Trump

Photoshop - old and new

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Shannon Hoon necklace earrings

Shannon Hoon tribute

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Turtle shell ring

Old High School Jewelry 2007-2010

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Black light reactive Dragon hatchling Glowing!

Old High School Ceramics 2007-2010

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Kurt Cobain on a Unicorn

Old High School Drawings 2007-2010 with a fe

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2 sided sculpture (Womanan half)

Old High School Sculptures 2007-2010

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18th Century Still Life

Old High School Paintings 2007-2010

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Bumar, a reference so you understand better

Bumarts and Crafts

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