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[Cosmic Corsair Entry] Jeli

By PhyloSallas
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I'm finally done!! This is one of the absolute most challenging things I've EVER done as an artist...but I couldn't be happier with how she turned out. ^_^

So, without further waffling, let me introduce you to Jeli, or as she would prefer to be called, Jeli the Eternal! She is a highly-advanced, highly intelligent alien ameoba, capable of shapeshifting at will into nearly anything by altering her surface tension and chemical composition. Immortal by nature, she is also well over 500 years old. Pairing these abilities, she has taken the shape of hundreds of famous pirates throughout cosmic history. Utilizing her espionage abilities and an all-purpose, all-sarcasm piracy system she designed herself called HELM (High Efficiency Larceny Matrix,) she can quickly slip onto any ship and hack into it within minutes of reaching the bridge, controlling every aspect from HELM's handy menu. As a result, she has amassed a fleet of stolen vessels and a mountain of spoils, all hidden on a backwater gas giant only she can survive on.

She has hundreds of personas, one for each ship, vanishing or slipping away upon "death" to take a new face every decade or so. She enjoys crafting these new identities, revelling in the details of their design and personalities. A new ship provides another opportunity to create, so new acquisitions are always exciting for her. Still, she prefers to keep the fame and legends (and liability) focused on them--know one actually knows her true self.

Not every part of yourself can be changed, however. The family crest on her arm is the one part of her form she can't alter, reminding her of her true ameboid nature: to divide and multiply into infinity. Regardless, she rejects this, refusing to split herself. Despite being the last of her kind, and already being hundreds of people throughout history, she can't stand the thought of not being unique, preferring o be "hundreds of a kind." Stil, she enjoys the legends and conspiracy theories that crop up about the secret society of pirates, all bearing the same crest. her crest. None have gotten remotely close to the truth, a fact Jeli is immensely proud of.

As is the nature of her lifestyle, Jeli rarely keeps friends. Relationships also aren't typically on her mind, nor does she have any use for them for procreation (thanks to the fission she already doesn't use.) Still, she enjoys the occasional dalliance, and considers herself bisexual--she technically has no gender, but has been and been with both, and prefers to keep a female shape. Her only constant companion is the AI of HELM herself, the sarcastic wit of whom Jeli enjoys being challenged by. Though she has never told her, Jeli designed HELM's personality after the one person Jeli ever allowed herself to grow close to; a woman named Pibi. She has never spoken about it, leaving their relationship back in a century long past. She has however implied that her hat, a holographic projector capable of simulating any headgear and hair she would otherwise struggle to shapeshift, was a creation of Pibi's.

Fun facts:
-The rings she wears create containment fields that assist in holding her shape.
- She has a nucleus, though she keeps it hidden in her lower half--because "most organ sacs aim for the head."
-HELM can transform into a variety of weapons and laser cannons, or can simply be thrown like a boomerang. She is also rideable, though she will whine endlessly about it during use.
-Jeli will often recruit crews, but keeps her distance and usually will leave the ship with them when she leaves.

...and that's all, lol. Sorry for the novel!! XD
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Wow, this is traditional? That really looks like a ball of viscous fluid. I've seen some people unable to do this with digital, so kudos to thou. 👏

PhyloSallas's avatar

Haha yup!! Hardest thing I ever did, lol. XD And thank you a ton! :hug:

MeowMavi's avatar
This looks so alive! Really good job!
I can imagine that this has been a lot of work :O
PhyloSallas's avatar
Awww, thanks Mavi!! :D I'm glad to hear that! 
And it did, took soooo long, lol. ^^;
JesterKatz's avatar
That's something you don't see very often. :thinking: 
PhyloSallas's avatar
Haha, I'll take that as a compliment. ;p Thanks! ^_^
JesterKatz's avatar
Oh you're quite welcome. And likewise thank you for the faves!
PhyloSallas's avatar
Haha, you're really welcome too! ^_^
Prezelpizza's avatar
This is so unique and I'M LOVIN IT!! She looks so cool :D :D :D
PhyloSallas's avatar
Aaaaaah!! Thanks Prezzie! :huggle: so glad you like her~:heart:
KanahaniART's avatar
That is really well done! You've totally nailed this jello-look, it does not look like an easy thing to do, especially in traditional :D Also, the character design is really cool! Very unique and eye-catching. Amazing job :clap:
PhyloSallas's avatar
Oh my gosh, thank you Kana!! >////< that means so much to me, especially coming from such a fantastic artist! Your words are so nice I'm not even sure what to say...;_; I'll treasure them, thank you. :heart: :hug:

Also, thank you for watching me, aaaaaaaah!! :la: :happybounce: I never thought you would, I'm so happy~ :heart:
KanahaniART's avatar
You're more than welcome <3

I've found myself faving quite a lot your newer art so I thought of giving you a watch :D Especially that you're such a cool person :dummy:
PhyloSallas's avatar
OMG Kana!! Pearl Emote 43  that's so kind of you to say!! :la: I feel the same about you... You're so sweet and talking to you is a joy! :hug: :heart: I'm so glad you like what I'm doing, and I love your art too!  Thank you for being such a nice person and friend.. :love:
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Thank you so mucb!!! :happybounce: I'm really glad you do! :hug:
Viktoria-Tur's avatar
No problem, my friend! Meow :3 Hug 
PhyloSallas's avatar
Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] 
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OOF! good move...but I'm not done yet!!
APH Prussia tackle hug 
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This is so freaking awesome dude!! YOu've done an amazing job :)
Hopefully I'll be able to post my entry today as well! Eek, I'm getting excited :squee:
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