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Hey look, Rainbow Dash!


Scootaloo spending some quality time with Rainbow 👀👌✨

又是厚塗練習, 後悔畫布開太小害我好難塗XD|||
偷偷問有人知道厚塗的對應英文嗎? (google了下impasto感覺不太是電繪的這種厚塗...)

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Ohhhh now I take a closer look I notice it's a painting !! <33 *-* the colors are so well mixed and the shining effects make the drawing really vivid : it's beautiful my darling ;u; !!!!
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I just asked my friend who has lived in American and Canada for over ten years, and she told me there might not be any exact vocabulary of 厚塗 in English. ;;;u;
Just like the word "加油" in Chinese ( "頑張って" in Japanese ) , or the "學長姐" in Chinese ( "先輩" in Japanese ), there's no specific English words to translate them.

If I type Chinese "厚塗" or Japanese "厚塗り" into any translators, they all translate it into "impasto".
But when I googled the pictures of impasto, the results are not the "厚塗" arts.
As for "paint", to me it has the bigger range including all the ways, technics or methods of coloring.
But I'm not an expert or an English native speaker anyways. ;;;u;

Still, thank you honey for your thought and compliment! You always give me more motivations to create arts. 8'D
You are not only the light (Athena) of mine, but also the INSPIRATION of my life!! Little nose peck :heart: rvmp .:Bunny love love:. 
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Aww, so cute, best sisters ever.
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好像到現在都沒看過英文有「厚塗」這個用法耶,我第一個想到的字是paint不過感覺意思太廣 No, I disagree! 
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