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Flying Unicorns


Starlight's not the only unicorn flying with magic. Starlight Glimmer - Shocked 

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Twilight levitated in The Crystal Empire Part 2.
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A very adorable picture. I'd suggest this happens quite a bit now that Starlight lives in Ponyville.

:iconstarlightcuteplz: : (smiling) Okay, Pumpkin Cake, you've got to tell me. How can a you, a baby unicorn, lift yourself up and fly so easily while I had to study and practice an ancient flight spell for moons upon years?

Chibi Pumpkin Cake Icon : (giggles) Hi, Staah-wight!

:iconstarlightcuteplz: : (teasing the little filly) Maybe a little Equi Voci Adultus spell to expand your vocabulary to that of a full-grown mare will spill the beans...

Chibi Pumpkin Cake Icon: (smiles at Starlight and giggles again)

 :iconstarlightcuteplz: : (laughs) Meh.

And they fly back down to Sugarcube Corner. :)
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Pumpkin's magic is blue.
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Foal like ''Oh em ci look at that plot''
I am not fan of self-levitating unicorns, especially those who can levitate themselves as well as pegasi can fly and yet still be able to cast powerful spells and fight their opponents. It just makes Twilight having wings useless if she could do as well without them.
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And Starlight blamed Twilight for using a spell she herself spent a lot of time learning on...
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Oh, and Moondancer levitated Twilight too
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Haha, I love how Pumpkin Cake is sticking her tongue out.
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Ahh, of course, the both of them master the flight spell which will make both unicorn & pegasus jealous.
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I think way too many people forgot about this when they complained about Starlight being OP.
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They also forgot that Twilight Sparkle could levitate too (she did so in The Crystal Empire Part 2.  I'm sure she still can, she just doesn't have to anymore.
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I'm happy Twi has now a canon rival who may be stronger than herself :D
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This is sooooooo great
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