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Freshie's Rose Petal Bath V

By phydeau
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Freshie Juice.  MM#1444257

This set will get a little steamy.

"Good poetry
Makes a beautiful naked woman
Materialize from

Who then says,
With a sword precariously waving
In her hands,

"If you look at my loins
I will cut off your head,

And reach down and grab your spirit
By its private parts,

And carry you off to heaven
Squealing in joy."

Hafiz says,
"That sounds wonderful, just

Someone please - start writing
Some great

nude голый
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Jul 22, 2014, 11:13:24 AM
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She very sexy 😍

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Gives the impression of a mature adult,embracing life in its fullness,from within,the womb of this world.
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I love that you used the word womb.  That's always been a word that occurs to me when I see this, myself.
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Yes indeed,great minds do think alike.
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absolutely beautiful

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this is brilliant and lovely :clap:
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Lovely piece, I'm just a little curious as to what it is floating by her backside; it looks a bit like a plastic bag or a bubble, I'm just not certain, and because I'm not certain it keeps drawing my eye.
I'm very very glad to see pieces like this that glorify the human form as it is, without insisting that people (and in particular, women) not have any wrinkles or rolls on their body.
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I honestly never noticed anything odd about that.  It's just a wave in the water.

One of the things I love about working with Freshie is when people notice how beautiful she is without fitting the Hollywood or Madison Avenue criteria (it's kind of B.S., you know?).

Thank you for the appreciation and the comment.  :)
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Ah, that's fair. I can see that now.

Yeah... media demands perfection when humans are already perfectly imperfect. if we all looked like they demanded they'd bemoan the fact that we didn't meet some other impossible criteria.
Thank you again for being one of the eyes that appreciates and shares the beauty of people as they are. :D
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One of my own favorites.  Thank you.
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I'm not usually big on this kind of art but this one is amazing!
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my question? why a woman can be nude but not a man???????? porque un hombre no puede estar desnudo y estas fotos son this a pornography???
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Who said men can't be nude?  I've worked with male nude models.  They were private clients, so I can't post them here, but I have done nude self-portraits, which can be found in my gallery.

I don't consider this to be pornography.  Pornography literally translates to "writing of sex".  There is no sexual activity in this photograph.
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IM SO mad bcause some guy was rude with me and block my picks of my nude so for that reason im so angry
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