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Drawn for :iconpoke-fanclub:'s "Color by region" contest.

Blue and red is an amazing color combination to work with. And what do you know, there are some pretty neat pokemon that use that as part of their actual color scheme. LIKE THIS ONE.

Kyogre is scary.

(( also whatthehell, a background. And hit Download for full size :3))
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Oh. I have seen this in wallpaper engine in steam. I wonder tho have you given permission to use it. 
Phycofox's avatar
Wallpaper engine? No, I havent given permissions, I'll take a look at it though. Thanks! 
Sulosointu's avatar
I found the link. I hope it works for you. I do notice they credit you tho.…
Evodolka's avatar
i forgot that he glew red :D
looks AMAZING by the way, i love the detail and the way the red looks :la:
VideoGamerfrom20XX's avatar
Absolutely beautiful! Fanboy Emote
Flipperturtle80's avatar
Oh myyy that's epic
DeathTheKid346's avatar
I can't hit favorite hard enough to express how much I love this! Incredible job!
shadowdust95's avatar
I love so much this artwork!
Black-Darkrai's avatar
this is just amazing!!
Such a chaotic and moody environment. : )
Borealis-Hunter's avatar
 When i look this i remember the manga RS.This is georgeous. 
AbsborTheCat's avatar
This looks awesome :wow::silentkitty: Absb:star:r
Wishmaker15's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing a well done kyogre art (:
VisViridis's avatar
wow. this is really awesome! :D
LocalTalent53's avatar
The use of color in this is worth the favorite alone. Excellent work!
ArceusofDoom's avatar
On the top left of the image... Is that underwater ruins I see? That's probably just me x3 Love the work here! ^-^
Itichiro's avatar
That's amazing
BasilSanguine's avatar
Amazing. I enjoy the reds and blues.
SylxeriaGuardian's avatar
Kyogre was amazing.  Aaaah Ruby & Sapphire... One of my favorite generations. So much awesome to be had there.
Eeveeworlds's avatar really is awesome and badass!!!Heart
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