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Published: August 27, 2014
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I did some further manipulation of Bill Quick's lines to create this. I call her Serena because this is what I think should she could look like today. This is a true story.

I've always tried to get girls to flex their muscles and as a kid in school I came up with a crafty way to indulge my fetish. I discovered that getting a girl to flex her biceps could be rather difficult but getting them to flex their triceps was much easier. I would ask "do you know how to flex your triceps?" It was perceived as a stupid human trick and I was pretty successful at it. Although, a cute mulatto girl saw right through my scheme. Her name was Serena. Not only did she know of my sthenolagnia, she also got pleasure from indulging it.

 At the end of a school year some of the kids were going on a field trip to the beach. I was very jealous because I unfortunately did not get to go. The school was overcrowded so my home room class was held in the cafeteria and this was also the meeting point for the kids going on the field trip. I sat at a table away from the excited kids holding towels and playing with beach balls. That was when Serena walked up to me with a smile. She was wearing a large men's size button down oxford shirt and baggy blue jeans. "Come here I want to show you something" She said as she beckoned me to follow her away from the rest of the students to more isolated corner of the room. Serena looked me with a smile and told me "sit down." Then she began unbuttoning her shirt. Curiously I asked. "what did you want to show me?" 

She confidently glanced around to see if she had any other admirers. Nervous and excited I watched as she unfastened each button slowly revealing the top of a navy blue bathing suit. Serena arched her back and looked away from me like she was purposefully avoiding my eyes and inviting me to look where I shouldn't. Serena started pull her shirt open like curtains. I gulped down a gasp of surprise as I saw the depth of her cleavage. My eyes widened as she revealed more of her chest. My excitement grew as I now could see the top of her swim suit was a bikini. Serena arched her back while she removed her shirt to emphasize her massive breasts. They were like heavenly bodies magnetically pulling my eyes toward them. She was basking in attention purposely looking away making sure I would notice how large her breast were. Unconfined by a constrictive bra or disguised by baggy clothes Serena's breasts easily defied gravity as their firmness stretched the fabric of her bikini top so tight it looked like a second skin. It was then I realized that Serena quite possibly possessed the largest breasts in school.

 However, Serena's knew that her breasts were just the icing on the cake for me as she removed her shirt.  I was surprised that even with such large breasts her stomach was incredibly lean because I could clear see outlines of her abdominal muscles. Serena's broad shoulders, big bust, and tiny waist gave her curves that would have made a Barbie doll jealous. Serena sucked in her flat stomach while hunched over and rolled her shoulders in an effort to see over her big tits as she tied her shirt sleeves around her hips. It was like if I hadn't noticed her incredible body she was giving me another chance to unobtrusively stare at her. Serena turned to the side and looked down at the tightening the knot giving me a profile view of her flat stomach and enormous chest. "I've been practicing that pose you taught me and I wanted to show you" Serena said with a smile. I was shocked, surprised, and elated all at the same time. Just the thought of Serena "practicing" flexing her muscles drove me nuts! And to think she may have been "practicing" to flex just for me! I had become silent from the surprise of her statement. Serena reached behind her back to hit the side tricep pose. She took a hold of her wrist and then forcefully extended her arm. What initially looked like a gracefully pose just became a hard flex. Serena's big shoulder hardened, the heads of her deltoid rippling and her tricep erupted violently like it was going to explode. I was literally choked up by her side tricep pose. I had taught other girls how to flex their triceps but none of them had anything close to the size of Serena's muscles. In fact, her muscles were even bigger than mine. It was just like watching the female bodybuilders in bikinis flexing their muscles on cable TV. As she held the pose her tricep seemed to be growing right before my eyes. I had heard the term "pumping up" before but I didn't realize that as Serena continued to flex the blood flow to her triceps was actually making her muscle bigger. Serena clenched her teeth and made a sexy grunt as she put every ounce of effort into flexing her tricep as hard as she possibly could. My mouth was gaping wide in awe and Serena clearly enjoyed my admiration as she smiled with a expression of ecstatic satisfaction as I stared at her body.

"Serena" The home room teacher called out. Serena stopped her flex and turned away from me to face him. "Come over here and help me take attendance for the field trip". No! Damn him taking Serena away from me.

I thought I would have another chance but, the school year ended and I moved away that summer never seeing Serena again.
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Nice writing there, I liked the story. :)
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phy911|Hobbyist Artist
Thanks Ed
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