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Lilian and Gabriel

By phy-be
This took me way too long for something i'm still not satisfied with so I'll just leave it like that 
Opening scene from a sci-fi rp, white haired Lilian is my boy, his new friend, Gabriel, belongs to my fellow writer.   
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I totally need to know more about those cuties and their sci-fi univers
(u did great btww)
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thank u bb i hate the damn art block i spend time doing stuff i don't like hhhhh

Their universe is the Earth a few centuries later, in the middle of space exploration - alien life has been perceived but not much is known about it yet. They're both members of the Earth Interstellar Alliance, and are going on an exploring mission with the "Athena" starship. 
Gabriel - red hair - is a talented programmer. He had a twin sister called Abigail, who went in his stead on a similar mission a year ago, but her ship went missing and is believed to have been lost. For obvious reasons, he grieves her dearly and struggles to let her go.
Lilian - white hair, my character - is an awkward nerd from a poor country. He's kind, though he has a much darker side he's managed to keep hidden so far, and tries to forget about. He lost an arm as a casualty of the war his home was torn with, but managed to built a robotic one instead (can't see it in the picture, totally not because I was too lazy to draw it). That attracted the attention of some recruiters, and he gained a scholarship for the EIA's university, then a position of robotic engineer on the Athena. 

If you want to read their story (though it's really just the beginning), you can find it here:…   (I'm BruisedLavender)
It's not all that interesting yet tbh, as in not much is happening despite the length (but you know me and my infamous brevity, as this comment shows once again) 
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(dontcha worry I knew what I was getting myself into, asking for this and its fucking cool)

I love it. Plus, I still can't believe how easy u rp in english, like wow all those beautiful and smart words, like come on most of my sentences are just "flying fucking fuck" repeted over and over again, anywaay, the universe is so facking interesting, and yay, sci-fi is life (or spacelife)
I have the sudden need to fanart them AND SPACESHIPS omagad
It kinda remind me of that Starfighter webcomic I started reading a loong time ago but then forgot about it tho' it's awesome, but what was my point I forgot cuz of some hot flashbacks of Abel & Cain. 
I seriously need to read what's going to happen next to those dudes, sure it's gonna be ahmazing.

(oh BruisedLavender I like your ID pic very yummy)
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Shh child u write pure flying fucking fuck poetry and have flying fucking fuck badass characters 
space is life I couldn't agree more dear friend 
oh bb jesus
if u fanart them i might lose my cool and randomly propose to u  
OMG STARFIGHTER YES. I started reading it cause my partner's a big fan it's so awesome. Like SPACE and FIGHTS and BOYS and SPACE and SMEX

(yes indeed)
(his name is Sean O'Pry ur welcome)