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robo squad

*takes place after Lord Business betrays Bad Cop*
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Gosh!!!! I love it!! Bad and good cop are so cute and lovely!! SQUEEE EEEK <3 <3
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Feels like Terminator or Deus Ex Machina. 
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BC: "At ease, boys!"
SWAT Bots: "Yes, sir!"
BC: "You're writing parking tickets if you tell anyone I said this, but, thanks."
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"Ow! Guys- okay, I love ya too, now stop! It hurts!"
"sorry, sir."
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Hnng my feels
Just threw themselves out a window
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O my godd so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (wonder if the MBs saw this)
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awww these guys are cute
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I like Bad Cop (and Good Cop). I was sad when Lord Business erased his Good Cop Face!
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That was such a dark moment good lord
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Who doesn't love bad cop :love:
PHUZface1's avatar
Bad Cop is excellent:heart:
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I love that I'm not the only one who noticed the human-like robots all had personalities, like, individual personalities. This totally makes sense to me storywise, because Business is a picky jerk and would probably be all like "Well, I don't NEED all of these robots, here, you can have the ones I don't like all that much." and GCBC would treat them just like he treats everyone else because doesn't see them as being any more or any less than fellow police officers under his command. <3
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Yes yes yes exactly!! I like the way you think! Something I was thinking was that GCBC was intimidated by the bots at first, and they took advantage of his inexperience(being a country boy new to Bricksburg). But Bad Cop got them in line saying "where Good Cop and I come from, we expect respect. When none is given, we DEMAND it. Clear?"
Eventually the bots grow to love their commanding officer, and vice versa.
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It's really a darling idea, I've got to steal it and work it into a fic or two when I get the chance. x3c
PHUZface1's avatar
Ooooh wow that would be amazing wow!:heart:
0ArmoredSoul0's avatar
Well, it's going to be added to a long, long list. Heheheee... ^^;
I have so many fics in progress it's not even funny.
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Poor Cop!
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That guy just can't catch a break!
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When he gets home Emmets gonna have to help him get better ;)
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