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Paw Patrol Choose Your Own Adventure: Ch-7 Part2
“Paw Patrol: Dead On The Water”
A Choose Your Own Adventure Game Written By HavocHound
Summary: “Seven Years Ago, Paw Patrol split up due to a tragic event that took the life of their owner, Ryder. Since then, each member has grown up and become independent. A message from Katie, urging them to come back to Adventure Bay for an Anniversary Celebration, attracts them back together as a group and they take a cruise ship that will get them to Adventure Bay. However, the ship is suddenly stopped by a mysterious force as crew members and citizens are all killed on board in the chaos. The Paw Patrol must now find a way to escape, but who will live and who will die? The outcome depends on you.”
-At the end of each entry there will be a set of questions. You must choose which option the character takes. Some answers will lead to good outcomes, others will lead to bad outcomes. To put in your vote for a choice, yo
:iconhavochounds:HavocHounds 7 6
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Tagged by: :iconmastermaind000:


1. Post these rules.

2. Post the 8 facts about your character.

3. Tag 8 people along with the characters you want to write.

4. Post their identities and write the names of the characters next to them.




1. She is my second paw patrol.

2. She likes to be with her mother (Everest)

3. Cause she was named Snowflake because she was born while snow was falling and Jake saw snowflakes. He named her Snowflake.

4. She never knew her father. But her just met (Marshall)

5. She is a female dog. But she was never afraid to attack her.

6. She likes snow very much.

7. She can not see if she removes her glasses.

8. She does not like anyone. She does not have a lover She is often hit by other dogs to her. But she never paid attention to it.

And i will tag...

Mastermaind000 (steven)

And thats all...


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Hi. I Draw Paw Patrol every day :)

Two brothers, two kings by phuriphat05327

I do not have much But this is great for people who like Paw Patrol because I've painted this all the time. I hope everyone will like my work.

Hello everyone! Welcome to my profile! My name is Mark, but my friend often calls my nickname. [Pooh] I'm 25 years old Mostly I like to draw a lot. But I have a personal business. So I did not draw every day. I ever used to copy someone else's drawings. But now I use my imagination to paint myself. And i'm not copy anyone's paintings anymore. You can talk to me in your inbox. And do not forget to comment, everyone.

loves you!


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