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Prolonged Dream - Page 13

"We can't stay here for long"
Page 14 will be updated in a couple hours, please stay still.





Vietnamese version:
Prolonged Dream [Vie] - Page 13 by PhuocThienCreation
Original Idea belongs to my friend :icondiscordwizard:

Manage and develop by me.

A Special thanks to :iconangelapie: for helping me in coloring, also :iconstarorca: for helping me alot~ to fix the grammar.

My Little Pony FIM belongs to Hasbro. All rights reserved.
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© 2016 - 2021 PhuocThienCreation
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why are there eyes
AstralEclipse26's avatar
I would pay good money for a Morpheus plush! HES JUST TO DARN CUTE!!!!
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
aw I'm glad that you love him! ^^
DrWhoFan611's avatar
But, seriously, though: can you please look into that? I would die if I could assemble a Prolonged Dream set. (Luna, Morpheus, and Twinkle Belle)
Animatorsnake's avatar
Huh, what are those? Melon seeds?
I hate it when I start uncontrollably disappearing.
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
Ah almost forgot this was a dream..... OF AN ABSOLUTIOON!
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1st interesting

2nd so in the dream realm thier a rules
tehwatcher's avatar
1st i just mean that one cant stay in the place for long? Like a rule
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
;) You will know soon!
tehwatcher's avatar
1st awesome i cant wait to see X3

2nd and how you been
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
I'm fine~ hehe, just too busy to handle all the stuffs in here, I really love to reading you guy's comment and I still don't know how to answer them all just in one day >"<

What about you?
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1st happ to ear your ok just dont tire ureself ok

2nd me a little stuff nose XD but other than thatn and board at work im good XD
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
1st okay, I know that because you always reminding me XD

2nd what do you mean? Are you getting sick?
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she's........disappearing? :o (Eek) 

then all this time had been dreaming of?I think I've fainted. 

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please keep watching and you will find the answer ^^!
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