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Prolonged Dream - Page 11

"It's the best name"
Lot of things have been through, and the newest page still on the hoof





Vietnamese version:
Prolonged Dream [Vie] - Page 11 by PhuocThienCreation
Original Idea belongs to my friend :icondiscordwizard:

Manage and develop by me.

A Special thanks to :iconangelapie: for helping me in coloring, also :iconstarorca: for helping me ALOT to fix the grammar.

My Little Pony FIM belongs to Hasbro. All rights reserved.
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Morpheus:  The Greek god of Dreams.
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Ahhh kidnapping? Stranger danger? Luna, the po-po be after you!
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Oh, there is error. First and second panels show she does not have shoes on her hoof. Fourth and fifth panels, suddenly a shoes show up. 
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
thank you for pointing that out, gotta fix it later~ >"<
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Max Morpheus (emoticon) Max Morpheus (emoticon) Max Morpheus (emoticon) Max Morpheus (emoticon) Max Morpheus (emoticon) Max Morpheus (emoticon)  <you might not get this
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I fall in love with this comic, i think luna gonna be a great mother :love:
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aw~ Thank you so much, I'm so glad to know that you love this comic, and yea, I'm pretty sure about that as well X3
SHADOWDARK6662012's avatar
Youre welcome friend, and why not love your comic you shown us a side of luna that never see before and thats is why i love read it and see youre comic :D
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
thank you again~ I will try my best ;-;
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amazing all of these are wonderful. good job .
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aw~ Thank you so much! I'm so glad that you like it! And also thank you for the watch, really really means to me alot~ ;-;
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Morpheus, God of Dreams. Twinkle Belle.... fairy from Peter Pan? XD
But Morpheus is a really awesome name. Seems Luna has a knack for naming colts even though she was expecting a filly.

Please make a new page soon :3
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
heh heh, I'm glad that you love it! And thank you for taking a ticket, I will try to submit the new page soon~
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How long will this comic series be? Will the little colt be able to venture into the pony world?
PhuocThienCreation's avatar
It will be kinda very long~~~ and sorry that I can't answer you in the second question, please being patience and following the story :). I promise that I will keep this going as much as possible
ImperialEmpire7's avatar
Oh alright! Btw, the comic is amazing! I find it very adorable! I'm happy it will be a long story!
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Aw~~ Thank you so much for encouraging me ^^ Hug Hug Waaaah! 
Careful there, Luna. Remember to forge your own relationship, not copy what you see between our sister's favorite student and her adoptive younger relative.
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Good job naming them Luna. :D
Morpheus, huh? Well, ah dedicate this rap to the newborn bane of my interests, Morpheus!..... ahem...

Morpheus, Dorpheus, Orpheus
Go eat some walruses
Orifices, Porridges
Morpheus, Morpheus

Going to the Buffet and Walruses
Corpheus, Corpseses
Worcestershire sauce
Go into your orifices

Red pill, blue pill
Morpheus, Walruses
Seashells by the Seashorpheus

.... And Luna puts 20 bits into my pocket orifices..... please....
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