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I NEED HELP WITH THIS by phunkymonkey I NEED HELP WITH THIS by phunkymonkey
i need help making this in photoshop! gonna do a few tutiorals but i still will need a hand! please im still learning photoshop!
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emytones Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2001
easy. redraw it out,,an try to keep it clean. scan it at 300 dpi black an white. then take it to adobe scanline an full around with the settings intill you get it how you want..but it still won't be perfect..then take it to illustrator..then say if you got some marks on the paper from smudges..full around with the curves in it..that should fix it

massada-feff Featured By Owner May 8, 2001

bigs is on the money; try to get your current idea onto paper with a ruler then scan it in... make lots of layers as you play with ideas and whatnot; your big challange will be in the shading of the edges as you get the rounded surface look... with enough trial and error should be doable... also think about going with a custom gradient in photoshop, it will shortcut some of the airbrush work.
bigz Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2001
try this...

draw that out again, without shading, only the basic outline and important details. draw and scan it at full size.
once in photoshop, put the scanned image above a white layer and set the blending mode to multiply.
now it's time to play paint the numbers! heh... try to paint in a solid color the outline for the major shapes in it. save the outline in a channel. now you'll wanna look up some tutorials on shading and airbrushing, as this'll be the hard part. do each part step by step to get the proper look. use lots of layers in case you don't like the look for something later on.
you can also overlay a nice texture when it's done to get a good rusted or metallic look. experiment with layer modes to see what works best.

the outline looks like it could be good.
good luck.
eclipze Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2001
Go to Wasted Youth. Theres alot of good tutorials.

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phunkymonkey Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2001
everything! i have no idea where to start!!! tryied some phong tuts, but im still not getting the hang of it! but i will! i will!

-:: phunky* ::-
indigoe Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2001
Looks cool
What is it exactly you need help with? Technique? Effects?
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March 14, 2001
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