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Student Cheerleader Pyramid.

This is a close...ish approximation of the pyramid thingy the student cheerleaders... let's go with, erect, at the end of their performance. 
The camera position for the final form on screen is pulled pretty far back. Not an easy thing to vector and still accurately capture details. 
This is stitched together from about a dozen different episode screen caps, two or three per trace base, per character and honestly I just winged in a few places. For instance, I gave Lighthoof and Shimmy Shake slightly different noggins. I liked Shimmy's lopsided grin. 

A stitched and altered multiple screen cap vector from S09_E15 - 2, 4, 6, Greaaat. 

Colour palette sourced from: MLP Vector Club. and screen cap where required. 

MLP: FIM © Hasbro and that Lauren Faust sheila.
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Holy crap!  Compiling enough screencaps to get a view of a scene we never actually got in the episode is a great feat!  Congratulations on your hard and excellent work!

It always surprised me that Smolder took the top of the pyramid.  I would have figured that the bookish and meek Ocellus wouldn't have been lifting anyone, but I think it works better this way...If nothing else, it reduces the chances of Smolder accidentally burning anyone, heh heh.
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No homo.

Wow, thanks mate. But these stitch jobs aren't overly difficult, just very time-consuming. 
Combing episodes for the right trace bases, resizing stuff to match stroke thicknesses, then lining everything up takes time.  
The more time you spend on the base the easier the tracing is. 
Even though this one was a lot of images they all came from the one episode which makes things a little easier.
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Even if it was difficult work, long work is still to be commended; especially when all of those little, pain in the ass details have to be tweaked the whole time.
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This is breathtaking
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Cheers mate, took a lot of effort to pull together but was worth it. 
love this pic
shimmy shake and lighthoof remind me of bash and dash the logging locos
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 Can you make a remake of my art of twilight losing her sanity a.k.a. becoming her demon self Gorelight? Gorelight by WilhiteCreations2018  
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Sorry mate, not really my scene. I don't like gore and vore. 
And I please ask that any requests be made through notes. 
It's no one else's concern who I do requests for. That's between me and the requester unless they specifically state they wish it posted to my profile. 
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Sanity is not drawing....THAT!
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Now now, don't be rude. Please, at least not on my pages.  
To each their own. 
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You have to wonder at drawing that though.
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some fans put down this episode because of rainbow behavior   but since I was always a fan of stuff like the BRING IT ON  cheer leader movies  I like this epsiode
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*brain explodes from cuteness overload*
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awesome. it's so cute-!:D
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That was a good episode. I also liked the uniforms the girls in the Young 6 wore.

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How the fuck did this make it onto the trending page??? 
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How should I know? I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
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I guess that they're confused about how it made it onto the front page of dA? 
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It did? Neat. I never visit the front page so wouldn’t know. I didn’t even know there was a “trending” page. Perhaps the update yesterday screwed with the algorithm. I’m not an artist and this is just a traced vector. Far from worthy.
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