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Scootaloo and Smolder. Cut from the same cloth.

This was done for no one in particular. Just a little somethin' for me. 
A comment the other day from :iconstrongbad-joe132: reminded of somethin' I've been wanting to do for a long time. 

Pair Best Dragon with Best Filly. With them being so similar I figure they'd be best mates or hated enemies. 

I chose the best mates path. 'Cause they're fuckin' adorable together.
Smolder - Altered vector from S08_E01 - School Daze P1 
Scootaloo - Stitched vector from S05_E04 - Bloom and Gloom & S07_E08 - Hard to Say Anything.
Background - Altered screen cap vector from S08_E01 - School Daze P1 

Smolder - Stitched vector from S08_E22 - What lies beneath & S09_E09 - Sweet and Smoky. 
Scootaloo - Stitched vector from S05_E25 - The Cutie Re-Mark P1 & S09_E12 - The Last Crusade. 
Background - Altered screen cap vector from - S05_E25 - The Cutie Re-Mark P1

Colour palette sourced from: MLP Vector Club.

MLP: FIM © Hasbro and that Lauren Faust sheila.

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Very fitting, given they nearly have an identical color scheme.

I ship scoots and rumble

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I assume Rarity is your favorite?
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lol you know what would be funny if garble visited ponyville and he couldn't tell scootaloo apart from his sister smoulder

Garble: uhh why are there two of you Smoulder

Smoulder: what she's a pony and I'm a dragon

Garble: but you look exactly the same

Scootaloo: but she's bigger than me and she's a dragon

Garble: shakes his head this is ridiculous come on smoulder we're going back to the dragon lands this instant (picks up scootaloo)

Scootaloo: I'm scootaloo you scalely moron

love this artwork

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Cheers mate, your appreciation is appreciated.

I've had an idea since I created this image for a little comic along a similar vein to your comment.  

- Scootaloo barging in the front door of her house sayin' she wants her parents to meet her new dragon friend. 
- Her parents remarking that they love dragons but haven't been to the dragon lands since just before Scootaloo was born. 
- Her mum adding she didn't do much on the trip 'cause she was heavily pregnant with Scootaloo so her dad did most of the close study. 
- Smolder steps through the door to a shocked look on her mum's face. 
- The mum turns a scathin' eye to her husband who looks really nervous. 
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no offense mate but scootaloo's parents were a bad idea as i feel it completley contradicts her character

still that sounds interesting but i think rainbow dash's parents would be better suited to this situation

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btw sorry if that upset you that's not what I intend to do

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Yeah, nah, we're all good mate.
That's a big part of the reason I never bothered makin' the comic. I'm not a fan of Scootaloo bein' shown to have parents either.
Seein' as it turned Scottaloo's heartfelt tale of personal growth as a perceived orphan, delivered at the end of Parental Glideance (S07_E07) into a complaint about shitty parents.

Shame really. Her parents were pretty nifty designs.
What, with her dad bein' Australian an' all. 
I really wanted to like him but can't.

Scootaloo SSP Standing cute by PhucknuckL  
 Scottaloo, best filly!
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exactly I think scootaloo has the most depth when it comes to her backstory (or how it was supposed to be at least) how she's a orphan Pegasus who for some reason can't fly and how she wanted her idol rainbow dash to become her sister and how she practically became a member of the dash family

seriously bow hothoof and windy whistles would most definitely would give scootaloo the love she needs and desired

im Australian too but since I never really liked the parents story I never liked that in the first place

and one other issue I have is if scootaloo really did live with her lesbian aunts I think they would have been just as good as traditional parents and I don't think that scootaloo would still act the way she did in the other episodes

but still it was a true mistake to do the parents

but enough doom and gloom imagine if rainbow dash's parents couldn't tell smoulder and scootaloo apart even if smoulder is trying to avoid the attention and scootaloo is loving the attention

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Was sent here by :iconestories:

If I didn't know better, I'd swear they were related! =P
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That's just adorable!
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Would love to see this in an episode!
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Don't forget Tender Taps as their brother :)
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I think that they both have wanted to have a sister for a long time.
Hooray for crossovers!  I want to see this one now. 
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This is so adorable! I'd love to see an episode about the two of them, that's be awesome! ^-^

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Where is the EQDaily bot post?  It is a travesty that this isn't over there yet!
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I never submit my own stuff. If it happens, it happens. I’m not fussed.

This is the first time in a long time I did something purely for me. I don’t care what anyone does with it.
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Them are a great duo!Both so cute! :aww:

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Stand on it Smolder XD
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