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Torin Litestep Suite


- Litestep Theme
- TrueTransparency Skin
- Visual Style (noon by ~Folter-x mod)
- Dialog
- Miranda
- Wallpapers
- Styler Toolbar Skin
- Font Included


Created by =jefinhosss & =phS2

Problems/Bugs? Drop us a line.


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yeah man! the minimal style rocks!
Torin is a great piece of minimal designs by jefinhosss e phS2. with its smooth borders and light visual, it makes a confortable workspace.
These guys showed us, a lot of works in this style, this isn't the best of them, but to me is the most beautifull. Some parts would be improved, like the buttons, where you can't know if is a text or a button. Ok this is a trademark fot the minimal themes, but it'll help for the new users.
The colors of suite was what amazed me, the light gray with the royal blue makes a nice view.
One more thing! i really think you should upload the suites arthor by author. not in only one package.
Ok guys, keep up the nice work. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";P" title="Wink/Razz"/>