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Fleor Design Template

By phs2
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Beta Release: Flëor Design ®

Inspiration Concept: Flowhub

Feature: Ocean Customization

Maybe not the final version. I don't like the comment area :B
Comments, favorites, tips, criticism are welcome.


:note: Psd file finished. Click download :)

- Preview
- Psd file (.psd - for photoshop)
- Font Pack
- ReadMe.txt



Font: Neo Sans

Stick | ExplodingBoy | ZeusBox | Komodo Media

ps. DeviantART don't let me put the preview in original size :(
Please take a look at the link above the comment. :eager:
© 2010 - 2021 phs2
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thumbs up! very good job, dude!
adrianTNT's avatar
Can I post it on a photoshop site as free download and with credits+link back to you?
phs2's avatar
Alright, man. :D
adrianTNT's avatar
Thanks, I posted it here: [link]
Flooja's avatar
Simple but effective as hell! <3
rlly like it!
phs2's avatar
Thank you! :D
LOUDAMedia's avatar
This is lovely. It actually looks similar to something I would do. We share similar styles :)
phs2's avatar
Really? Yeah, I love this style. :)
Nice too see that I'm not alone.
w1th0utnam3's avatar
very nice design, i would prefer other colors but very stylish...
phs2's avatar
Super thanks, enjoy! :D
cyrixDesign's avatar
very nice :woohoo: ! simple and great colors, i like !
phs2's avatar
Thank you! Enjoy! :D
Oldbeho's avatar
nice work, thanks for sharing
phs2's avatar
Thank you. Enjoy! :D
AndyDrewX22's avatar
Great! Think you should lose the the piece of tape though.
Escasmu's avatar
Great design :)
MarinoVargas's avatar
Awesome!! where did you get the stingray shot from?
simonbrix's avatar
Very nice design! Totally digging it.
Only thing I dislike is the social buttons (they look like they have been clicked on) and the piece of tape on the feature box.
But very very nice! :thumbsup:
phs2's avatar
Well, thanks man! :D

I totally agree with you. It needs some moar work.
Edl21's avatar
very nice~~ ^^
murasaki55's avatar
hey mate, thanks a lot for the PSD. i have some good idea to code this. :plotting:
phs2's avatar
Most welcome. Lemme see when you got something, dude ;)
emey87's avatar
Everything I can say is that It looks really nice! :)

Well done!

I must try something like this someday :)
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