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Breaking Free Contest - Done



Rendered in Vue 6
Smoketrail manipped in with Photoshop (twas a lot harde than it looks)

Ok, since I'm too uninspired to make spacey bits for this - I'm holding a contest!


The winners: [link]

Yes, I'm that uninspired haha - basically, use this render and add spacey bits to it, I'm ending the contest on the 16th of July although I might extend the deadline upon request :)

So get those submissions going!


Because the winner will get 3 large landscape renders from me, one of their own choosing (as in they tell me what they want rendered) and the other 2 will be ones of my choosing.

Runners up and honorable mentions will also get some nice renders =D

People who have entered or are interested: :)
:bulletblue: *William-Vigori
:bulletblue: =DemosthenesVoice
:bulletred: ~Voyager212
:bulletblue: ~Jesus-Tks
:bulletblue: ~nisht
:bulletblue: ~lukas-Z-walker
:bulletblue: =keepwalking07
:bulletblue: ~Ragebringer
:bulletred: ~Delltar
:bulletred: ~Ron1649
:bulletblue: ~bloknayrb
:bulletblue: ~D3nim
:bulletblue: =ladydetemps
:bulletblue: ~nehas91:
:bulletred: ~pipper-SVK
:bulletblue: =FoleyPL
:bulletblue: *CsmcVisn
:bulletblue: ~RedXen
:bulletblue: ~hekvl
:bulletblue: ~theKonstruct
:bulletblue: ~sk8peace
:bulletblue: ~fridzalone
:bulletblue: *freelancah
:bulletblue: ~ChrisCold
:bulletred: ~RpGrafix
:bulletblue: ~aRchAng3lZz
:bulletred: *Lotay
:bulletred: ~Scorpidilion
:bulletblue: =buildingclimber

Here are some previews of the prizes to be won :)

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link]

Entries: (thumbs are viewable here: [link])

Last Exile by =keepwalking07
Breaking Free by ~nisht
Breaking Free from the surface by =ladydetemps
End Game by =DemosthenesVoice
Breaking Away by =FoleyPL
Houston, We've a Problem by ~D3nim
Terra Arcadia by ~lukas-Z-walker
Battlefield 2782 by ~theKonstruct
Untitled by ~RedXen
Fate by *William-Vigori
Breaking Free by =Broken-Lithium
The First Strike by *CsmcVisn
Breaking Free by ~hekvl
Breaking Away WIP by ~Jesus-Tks (still a WIP)
Downfall by ~ChrisCold
Breaking Away by =FoleyPL
The Beginning by ~sk8peace
Breaking Free by *freelancah
Journey to Nibiru by ~fridzalone
Dreams should come true by ~Ragebringer
Downfall by ~ChrisCold
Another Day In Universe by ~aRchAng3lZz
Breaking Free by ~nehas91
Breaking Free by =buildingclimber

Keep them submissions coming! =D
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