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picogen 0.4 Navigation Window

By phresnel
A few weeks ago, all that was here was just a melange of buttons and spin-boxes, without any graphics at all.

You know, I think this is better :)
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Looks great. :)
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Thank you very much, appreciated as always :)
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You're welcome. :hug:
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Sweet! :D I love the aircraft-style displays. When's the real-time picoflightsim coming? ;)
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You'll laugh, but I already thought, not too seriously, of such a mini-game once the real-time-3d-preview is ready :)
Looking very promising now. Will there be an ability to graphically connect small functions you write (or is it a design descision to only have lisp scripts..)? A potential system would automatically get names,allowed values, in/out names, suggested uses, notes etc. from comments and represent small functions in library as blocks with inputs/output that can be linked together...this type of thing is common to enable artists who aren't as fluent coders to use. Also A facility to upload created functions to a repository might alow new comers to get very good results quickly so they don't get discouraged by having to learn a new language.

Mostly these are things that are more applicable down the line once the fundamentals are complete.

(It's also interesting how quite a lot of people prefer Terragen even though Vue etc. has more design features, purely due to the quality of the renderer output (even though it's far slower, people like the extra bit pof photorealism). Picogen might get a lot of attention even in early stages if the renderer was more advanced in development.. Maybe..)

Re: picoflightsim:
Have you heard of the new Pioneer Space Sim? Like Picogen it uses fractals to depict perfectly real sized planets (mountains, rivers,volcanoes, dunes,cities, craters and so on using various multifractals based on simplex noise -exactly- like a terrain generation program).It depicts a galaxys worth of procedural solar systems etc.

Free and open source too. An export from Picogen to fly around in would be interesting(or the physics engine could be integrated into Pico).

[link] (vids/dl/IRC on the site).
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Hi, sorrrrrry for the somewhat late reply, I was slightly outshifted by a newly taken opportunity :(

Thank you very much for your encouragement!

There indeed *is* a graphical frontend for designing functions: [link] and on my old account-gallery: [link] . It is currently not integrated in CosyGui (and thanks to some bad code prolly never will), but something like that will definitly re-appear in a future version.

The repository component is in fact a central component of already the next release (okay, not too central in version 0.4, but 0.4 will feature a kind of extensible database, and later shall support exactly what you describe). Right now, that is, for release 0.4, it features height-functions, together with some preview renderings.

Thank you very much for the pioneer link, looks damn interesting, your idea of exporting picogen to it is pretty cool. On another note (I am really happy to keep a huge list of todo items), I rediscovered an idea coined "Hike & Render", a mode in which one would be able to hike per pedes, including nature sounds of course, and upon discovery of a nice view one would press a render button :)
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so... it now auto-generates whole planets?
If that's the case, AWESOME :D

of course, the graphics are pretty amazing too :) Looks like a top notch gui now...
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it can generate infinite planets since version 0.1 already; with curvature 0, that is :D

thanks for the heads up :)
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infinite curvature 0 planets are a tad bit boring thoug XP

I'd want proper curvature spacetime-universes, parametrized by "arclength" as far as that has a proper meaning in curved spacetime... ^^
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Oh, that recalls the "redshift", which is the internal working title for the ray tracer :D
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