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Picogen: Heightmap Import

By phresnel
Hey all, long time no update :)

This is a screenshot of the new "heightmap-importer", which really is just a 'hardcoded' specialization of the very generic "parametric preset" functionality of the upcoming version.

Parametric presets are user-tweakable height-functions, that is, e.g., someone might code up a very neat canyon landscape function and then decide to parametrize it, e.g. on the roughness. The end-user would then not have to tinker with sourcecode, but would just spin some textboxes to vary the results, as seen above.

Once the Parametric Preset functionality was implemented, it was trivial to implement heightmap-loading.

Sidenote: You may have recognized that the style got tweaked once again. It is still gray, but stumbled over [link] and was stunned by the awesomeness of those buttons. I also wanted to make the left button bar and the top one slightly different to be less confusing, so the left one feature are greenish glow, the top one an orange one. Like?
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Hi Im enjoying your program.
I'm rendering a sample right now. It was very easy to jump right into it.
I havent had alot of time to explore yet but it is very impressive so far.
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Thanks :)

Next version will be easier to use, promised!
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wow, gotta try out your program! Amazing work!
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Hi, thank you, this new version isn't released yet, though (just stay tuned on this group to learn about releases) :)
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Looks neat. :=
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Thank you very much :)
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My pleasure. :)
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i really need to try out picogen the next few days. the new gui looks awesome!
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Though it is not released yet :D

The 0.3 gui is a bit, chilling ... Guess I need to hurry up so that ppl don't get chilled away :D
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