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Like a bird in the sky



At first, for the curious (skip this if you already know picogen): picogen is a free terrain renderer and synthesizer which is currently being developed. There is not yet a download available, but if you are interested, you might want to watch #picogen , where the releases will always be announced in the future. You also might want to visit [link] to find other channels of information :)

After assimilating the original reference code of the Utah Sun/Sky [0] into picogen [1] which had some consequences like switching to spectral colours [2], the volume rendering exposed some glitches. After fixing it, and adding an approximate bounding-plane to the exponential fog as featured in this image, all was fine again.

And fast: Two days ago, the image above would have been rendered, in that quality, in like 2 days on quadcore. Now it rendered in just 3.5 hours. I love when a simple optimization gains you so much :)

[0]: Preetham/Shirley/Smits: "a practical analytic model for daylight"
[1]: more images showing off the sky later, the aerial perspective stuff is astounding
[2]: not really mandatory, you can get away with tristimulus colors like xyY or the classy RGB for a long time, but I wanted to do it manly
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Looks gorgeous. :) Great to see such an improvement in render time, too.