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CosyGui - another wip

By phresnel
(unaware: this is about a free terrain synthesizer and renderer in development. find out more at #picogen :D)

I don't know, but that little and really small preview on the lower left is something I would really like myself (or better: I already like it very much).

Also, as you can see, the sun-sky-editor is already integrated into the next GUI.

Oh and, another new feature is "stashing". You can save and restore basically each tab (or more) at any time, and even save that "history" to file on disk. So if you found a cool spot or really nice atmospherics, you no longer need to backup the whole scene, but just press "stash", then "reset" to search a new spot or ambience, and if you dislike, you can just go back :D

Critique is very welcome :)
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look neat, nice work. The stashing option is really cool, never seen that before.
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The idea came from the version control system "git"'s stash feature,, though it doesn't work exactly like it; it is mostly the name that is derived.
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That does indeed look cosy.
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Upon trying to find a name, I had thoughts of sitting on the desktop around christmas time, having a nice coffee along with me, and nicely poking around with picogen, creating moody winter imagery. I thought it would be cool if a GUI makes you feel cosy (or adds to it), and cosy has quite a number of nice translations to german :)
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sweeeeeeet nice work mate :D

cant wait for a release!
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thank you very much :)

In fact, I can't wait for myself. Especially because I am in my third picogen year; hmm, 3+1/2 months left for this year, this should be doable :D
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hey man that's looking really usable :clap:

i see you are increasingly showing windows support... gotta get those users right :D
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nah, that's from my midday break at work, but is same on linux, except that fonts are nicer there :D
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Looks like pretty good gui. :)
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Thank you, I am trying hard :)
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