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Sebastian Mach
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2009 September 20, 09:49

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c++ | free software | graphics programming | ray tracing | terrain rendering | coding style

I am a C++ programmer by profession as well as by hobby. I spend my spare time coding mostly to terrain rendering and everything around this (ray tracing, compilers, optimization, refactoring, and more). I am also interested in programming style and administration of code. I use and develop free software.

My less techy interests are photography and sim racing, and of course real life (I don't talk much about the latter because real life is not what I am here for).

You can find some older stuff by me at greenhybrid

Music. Kind of.

Music. Kind of.

I just started my own youtube channel. I wanted to publish those songs here, but didn't find a proper category. So I went to youtube, because that's were I get my music (listening) ideas from. Have a look: And be honest. If it sounds shitty, it sounds shitty :P Those are my first attempts in FL Studio after like 10 years or so (gosh, 10 years already??)

Striving for a correct color library for C++11.

Striving for a correct color library for C++11.

New project: Over the last years, I always had the feeling that there are bugs in my color computation, sRGB <-> RGB conversions, gamma correction, and spectral computations. Gaudy is an attempt to elimiate that fear. Everyone who is competent on the topic (*) is invited to help, everyone who has the same fear is invited to use. Right now, a quite vast linear RGB implementation is provided. Some basic code for interval averages on spectra (i.e. "give me the average value on interval [400nm..550nm] on spectrum X") is there, too. (*) The topic is to support every color space in the universe. As a seco

Book about picogen! Yay. No wait ...

Book about picogen! Yay. No wait ... As the author of the picogen software and the picogen-wikipedia page, I can only say that this book can only be a lie. The wikipedia-page is only a few lines of text, and the software never went into a real public release. Additionally, I was never contacted by Russel or Cohn. Principally, this is okay, as picogen and the wiki article are free, but it would have been good manner. What would one get for the 20$? In any case, this book makes my software and Barnes and Noble look cheap. I tried to review the book. But the don't-create-a

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Hallo Sebastian,
alles Gute zum Geburtstag und die besten Wünsche.
Liebe Grüsse,
heya, still alive? we should catch up someday :)
Hallo Sebastian,
alles Gute zum Geburtstag und die besten Wünsche. Love
Liebe Grüsse,
Vielen lieben Dank Bine, ich freue mich wirklich sehr Love

Allerbeste Grüße,

Miarath General Artist
Happy Birthday to you!! :hug:
I hope you have a great day and lots of yummy :iconbirthdaycakeplz:
bermarte Artist
Happy B-Day! (: