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October 6, 2010
Michael Jordan Typeface by ~PhreshSoldier is described as "amazing typo portrait", "incredible piece of art" or simply"beyond words". No matter what words you choose to describe this deviation, it is easy to agree upon the fact that it definetely is a great hommage to a great sportsman.
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XXIII Dynasty Collection Campaign

This was a GOD Inspired Designs
*Updated Nov 8, 2012*

The great words of Michael Jordan "I'm Back". Two years ago I created a well-known "Michael Jordan Typeface Design" that went viral across the world and was featured on many top websites like "Yahoo! Sports and". Two years later something in my spirit told me to recreate it, because it wasn't my best. So I recreated the "Michael Jordan Typeface Design" from the ground up, all done by hand that features more than 15,000 text entries of MJ's many accomplishments, signature moments and quotes. I gave the design
a whole new look & feel and made it much sharper than before. Not to mention, a better text flow around the contour
of the face and body of the design that makes the photo seem realistic.

The "XXIII Dynasty Collection" is a series of Michael Jordan typeface designs. It features three different types of styles: a Retro,Two-Tone and Stealth. If you would like to buy a 36x48 canvas size print, please contact me via e-mail (

Copyright © 2012 Ziarekenya Smith . All Rights Reserved.

Check out my Behance to get a more in depth look of this project. [link]
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CornerkiddO's avatar
WOW! How much time did that take to make?!
cmpaes1976's avatar
Is there anyway to purchase Micheal Jordan poster size from you? I'm not sure if that is an option! My boyfriend works in nba and ncaa and would love to buy him one for christmas if possible :(
PhreshSoldier's avatar
Email me at
Sandy-Edgar's avatar
Your picture is being sold here, did you authorise it?…
this is amazing....

you give life to an image with typography.....

you really got an amazing skills dude....
Artsouls143's avatar
HI PhreshSoldier :)

mind blowing... man... even iam also done typography portrait... for contest... but... mine is not looking 3d...

your portrait as life...

just check mine....


my first typography portrait.... and if u can help me out how u got that result in your portrait.......

so might be next ... portrait ... i will do better...

nice to meet u

PhreshSoldier's avatar
Thank You, and nice to meet you as well Artsouls 143. Nice piece of work you got there, for a 1st try doing a typeface portrait. But maybe next time this tutorial I just google for you should be able to get you started [link] . It will give you the techniques you need to pull off the similar effect, so I hope this work for you.
Artsouls143's avatar
thanks a lot smith... sure i will do more typography works.. so it might be help me out to make piece of art works :)

thank u so much for supporting me
PhreshSoldier's avatar
No Problem my dude keep me updated on your work!
Artsouls143's avatar
sure i will update.. :)
baboooo's avatar
Not really sure which particular god i should thank for inspiring and giving you the "strength" ;)

besides that - beautiful work, display of skill and creativity!

thank you for sharing :)
PhreshSoldier's avatar
Thank you I truly appreciate!
henzplus's avatar

wow... how can you do that, dude...
PhreshSoldier's avatar
Thanks you truly appreciate!
PhreshSoldier's avatar
Thank You Much appreciate!
DreamON-Mpak's avatar
Amazing work ..your typography is incredible .. +f
PhreshSoldier's avatar
Thank You I truly appreciate!
LiFeShorT-SuntiT's avatar
PhreshSoldier's avatar
Thank You I truly appreciate them words.
Davidkemker's avatar
Dear PhreshSoldier,

I’m writing on behalf of The MY HERO Project.

We are a not-for-profit, project-based learning resource on the internet and I’m the curator of our digital gallery. As its curator, I am always looking for outstanding art to feature in our digital gallery.

May I have permission to feature your “Michael Jordan Typeface” on our website for Black History Month?

With your permission AND YOUR THOUGHTS about what makes Jordan heroic to you, (this makes each piece in our gallery special) I would be able to make a beautiful digital Gallery Page to share with our online community of 3M+ hits per month (mostly students from over 44,000 classrooms worldwide) – linked to your website, if you have one.

Here’s a quick look at a piece from The MY HERO Gallery that we were given permission to use by renowned street artist Shepard Fairey:


Please write me at

Thank you for your consideration – This is a beautiful piece.

The MY HERO Gallery
maestrowhit's avatar
I don't even like basketball, but this is freaking awesome!
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