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Muhammad Ali Typeface Portrait

This is a typeface of the greatest of all time Muhammad Ali. Once again another design of the greatest people in the world at what they do, the reason why I choose to do a"Typeface" of the greatest people, because we all have one thing in common, we all know what it takes to get to the top it's passionate, dedication, hard work, not afraid of failure, determination, believing in yourself believing in God and just pushing yourself to be the best no matter what it takes. That's why I make "Typography design" of the greatest people, because they all have great story on how they became great, so why not fill all the success, accomplishment, and all the greatest quotes and greatest matches for Muhammad Ali. This was another God inspiration design, that God put in my head and push me for a week to finish it. So I hope y'all enjoy.

P.S. - Took over 20,500 Texts to finish this design.
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Hi.. This portrait is fantastic. How can I get the original? Can this be purchased?
yeah, how can I get the orginal? Its so amazing would lvoe to use it for my wallpaper
how can i get the original ?
Hi, I love this portrait, I am openning a new fitness and it would be great to have your Ali on the wall. Do I have the chance to get this portrait in print quality ( cca 1,5*1,5m )?
Please tell me your conditions.
Thanks and good job!
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Thank You much appreciate!
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Is there a tutorial on this sort of thing? Amazing btw!!!!
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Thank you truly appreciate and not, that I know of.
Is this sort of Design really difficult? I am new to photoshop and have no idea how to do this sort of thing. I really want to do a piece like this though. How long would it take to learn/ complete a piece and how difficult is this? What programme do you recommend?

Love your work!
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Well my best advice for you since you new to "Adobe Photoshop" get the feel for it 1st before you start moving to a project that is so big, that it will be to overwhelming for you as a beginner. Because this design really start all in "Adobe Illustrator" and I do my final color correction and "Photoshop". To answer your other questions yes it's time consuming, and the difficult level is not that hard just a long process, and the programs I recommend you using to start a project like this is "Adobe Illustrator" and do all your color correcting and "Adobe Photoshop". If you look below I left a couple of tutorials links that might be quiet helpful for you.

Great work these are amazing
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THANK YOU! Much appreciate!
Amazing! Thank you for your creation.
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No Thank You for commenting and noticing it!
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wow, totally amazing!
I like the jordan one more because Im a tyson fan haha ;)!
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Lol Thank YOU much appreciate!
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love it
good job ^____^
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Thank YOU! much appreciate it.
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Inspiring and very simplistic in presentation. You need to see no more than the words to feel this.
Great achievement in the ring and out. And you are so true with what you've said. Bravo.
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