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I GUESS I should have a post that isn't just random nonsense, but it's hard to think of something to say after two years!
I'm still drawing, kinda.
I sketch in a book character design ideas, but for some reason I don't feel like the whole comicing thing right now.
Maybe there will be more arts, though.
Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
The first 10 people who comment on this journal will get a sketch, free. However, in return, you must offer 10 free sketches in your own journal. If you've already done 10 Free Sketches, simply link the journal entry in your comment... You still qualify.

01 - I will NOT draw your request until I see this in your journal.
02 - In your comment, include a link to a reference picture of the character you want me to draw. Or write me a description.
03 - Only one character per person.
At the urging of my friend, I've started a character page on my site. Hopefully I can update that on a regular basis. Like Weekly? But right now I seem to be having trouble with FTP. I'll have to contact my webmaster about that.

I've got a real desire for artwork. I'm gonna have to add some money to my paypal and start asking people for commissions! I don't know who from right now, but I'll wait for the paypal to clear, I only have 1.70 in there right now...
I have 1000 deviant comments!
Is that sent or received or...?
Oh well, I drew a whole lot of pages, and have been uploading them every day this week! But I'm out right now, I'll have to draw more sometime, but not now since it's my spring break! woooo
In University now! The connection here is much better about DeviantART than at home~! I've updated all the stuff I've been lazy about, just for you! A handful of Comix SE's and Doodle Pages have been uploaded
You know what I feel like right now? Some nice Fanart... that would be great
Maybe I should get into some Art Trade action...
It is my hope to eventualy do a picture of all important characters in my comic! So here's a checklist for me:

-Good Guys-
  ~Major Players~
-Phred :star:
  *SS1 :star-empty:
  *SS2 :star:
  *Wolf :star:
-Linnet :star-empty:
  *Card Mage :star-empty:
    +Limit Break :star-empty:
-Lanette :star:
  *Limit Break :star-empty:
-Linette :star-empty:
-Patrick :star-empty:
  *V 2.0 :star:
-Shadow :star-empty:
-Starlight :star-empty:

-Bad Guys-
-Spellmaster :star-empty:
  *Chaos Spellmaster :star-empty:
-Demon Wolf Phred :star:
-Omen :star-empty:
  *Wolf :star-empty:

~Chaos Soldiers~
-Diamond :star:
  *Wolf :star-empty:
  *"Damon" :star-empty:
   +Wolf :star-empty:
-Emerald :star-empty:
-Bob :star:
-Sapphire :star-empty:
-Jim :star:
-Ayana :star-empty:
-Blaze :star-empty:

~Chaos Force~
-Cyrus :star-empty:
-Scythetastic :star-empty:
-Drake & Gamma :star:
-Deathwish :star-empty:
I finally got around to making a new cover page for Comix Revolutions, a cover page I can be proud to have as my featured deviation!
Now you can click that if you want to easily get to any page in the comic! Isn't that great? And, I'm going to do Page 100 in full computer colour! I hope... I'm not quite sure what's going to happen on Page 100, hopefuly it will be easy to colour.
Arg.. still taking a while to colour... I wonder when I'll get it done by?
It's a good thing I don't do this type of thing for every page.
Check out my website at
I revamped the comic navigation, I think it's pretty nice!

:iconbudokai: :iconstarfox-club: :iconssclub: :iconsa-stylers: is fully up, you can go there and read Comix R pages... or you can just read them here, I'll submit them here too. I guess you can think of it as a mirror of some sorts.

:iconbudokai: :iconstarfox-club: :iconssclub: :iconsa-stylers:
That stupid "We could seriously use a network administrator" thing is over my links to update my journal and edit my settings... It must be DeviantSkin...
Oh well, at least I can use tab to get to it.
I've uploaded Comix R to my website. I'm planning on someday making a proper site for it, but it took me two hours to do the index
...So you can read all the pages in /ComixR/ if you want, isn't that fun?

:iconbudokai: :iconstarfox-club: :iconssclub: :iconsa-stylers:
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That's kinda special :D
I brought the Scanner down to my laptop for the week, I guess I should draw more, since I can scan stuff more easily

:iconbudokai: :iconstarfox-club: :iconssclub: :iconsa-stylers:
I don't think I've posted here in a while, like months
I still draw, but for some reason the quality of my drawing seems to be deteriorating. One of theese days I'll get to doing something in colour, but for now, I just make lots of doodle pages that go into scraps, I've got more than 200 of those now O__o
Comics, I need to do up some Comic pages, but I've been to lazy to do them, as always, the only plot I really have down are dramatic fight scenes, and as a result, I don't totaly have everything that goes between the fights thought up :/
Though some of my new doodle pages are actually one page comics that aren't related to anything plot-wise, hopefuly that will keep my comic drawing skillz sharp... or something like that

Club Things:
:iconbudokai: :iconstarfox-club: :iconssclub: :iconsa-stylers:
I finally got around to scanning my school doodles
8 pages :O

I should draw some comics, I've been thinking of also putting them up on my website, so you know, there'd actually be updates there...


Thu Aug 11, 2005, 1:51 PM
To Do:
:bulletblue: CG Bob…
:bulletblue: CG Ayana Klona…
:bulletblue: CG Ruby…
:bulletblue: Comix issue 5 cover page…
:bulletblue: Learn to draw Suicune X_x;

I got a one of those random subscription week, what fun
should do nicely until I go home next week

:iconssclub: :iconsa-stylers: :iconnintendo-fc: :iconbudokai:
Less than a week and I already have 118 deviations in my devwatch?? O_o;;
I'm going on vacation to California for 18 days, I'll be scannerless, and paperless :O
So I've uploaded a couple Comix R pages, I'll make more when I get back
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I'm nearing 5000!
I think that's signifigant in some way
It's a new avatar picture