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The Virgin Ubuntu User vs. the Chad Arch User

By Phracker
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Yet another Virgin vs. Chad meme.

Note: This isn't literally supposed to apply strictly to Ubuntu users and Arch users respectively.  I'm using the two userbases more as a metaphore for the two different kinds of Linux users (which tend to roughly cluster around certain distros): the first being the whiny autistic losers who don't genuinely understand Linux and just want to use it for the geek cred and because they hate Microsoft; the second being those who are truly passionate about learning about and customizing their systems and actually understand how it works.  Fortunately, people in the first category often morph into people in the second category over time as their Dunning-Krüger syndrome wears off.  This meme is in a sense autobiographical, with the Virgin Ubuntu User being me at age 21 when I first got into Linux and the Chad Arch User being who I am (or am hopefully becoming) now.
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Hasuke455Student General Artist
i only use kubuntu since i think arch is too complex for actual usage imo.
but im really used to apt or apt-get
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lovelyHanibalHobbyist Digital Artist
I like when things work out of the box.
It's good to try make your life easier.
If you want your games and internet browser to just work, then Windows is a way to go.
If you want customise a lot of things on you computer, then it's much easier on Linux.
And for production server Linux is only way to go IMHO.
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paradigm-shiftingProfessional General Artist
Though I do prefer Ubuntu, I hate default-anything. Stock setups make my eyes bleed. My first computer was a Commodore 64. My second computer was running MS-DOS v6.22 and Windows v3.11 for Workgroups. Though I personally preferred Desqview. I started my Linux experience using Debian (I forget which version) and moved to Ubuntu simply just because there seemed to be more drivers for more hardware available for it, where as at least back in the day -- trying to locate some drivers for some hardware was a time wasting mission.

I personally enjoy tmux and would love to get ANSI displaying properly in both Dosemu and the Terminal Prompt, but have simply just been too busy with too much else in the offline world to have the time to screw with it.