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''Don't sexualize me!''

Here's the article that inspired this: link  I know this is old news, but the irony was just too juicy to pass up.

Miley Cyrus, you know what your problem is?  Your problem is that you're an entitled, spoiled brat who thinks she should be able to do whatever she wants without consequences.  You think being responsible is for other people, and respect is not something that you earn but something that you're just owed simply by virtue of being alive.  And there's good reason for this.  You had your career bought for you by your country singer daddy at a very young age, probably before you were even legally allowed to work.  As a result of this, you've never had to work a real job.  You've never had to pay a bill in your life, you've never had to deal with poverty, you've never had to think about putting food on the table.  You have no understanding or appreciation of the struggles of normal working class people.  You have no appreciation for the value of struggle and how it builds character and makes you a better person.  You've never had to work on improving yourself and building your dreams.  Everything you have has been handed to you on a silver platter.  And that's where the entitlement comes from.  It's textbook narcissism caused by a genuine lack of character.
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LUV YA GURL!!! YOU PUT THE T- to the Core in Psycho Betch!!
Just being real, just being you.

(("T" to the Twerk and "Core" to the Crazy)) :heart:

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I simply hope she’s become just like the rest of us now. You know? A NORMAL person instead of what she was in 2013?

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Okay that’s one thing I did NOT need to know......thanks. -_-

but yeah, like seriously?

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Just stupid is more like it.

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im a girl and this is NOT how I act! Neither do most republican woman/girls for that matter. Let’s just say I like girls and women whom are more lr less submissive unto their husbands and/or boyfriends. you know, like the olden days. Believe me, there are more women and girls like that on earth than ones like miley and thank whatever supernatural being for that. Feminism aka feminazis are scerwed up in the head if they all think doing this shit as well as other shit is a-ok!

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Funny thing about this whole rant, Miley Cyrus wasn't trying to titillate when she gave this performance. She was trying to be repulsive.
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Well she kinda succeeded, don't You think?
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It was basically The Human Centipede of live performances, people didn't like it, but they couldn't look away.

Of course, Miley Cyrus in 2013 is a very different person than who she is now. In fact, she recently made a song I really like that shows serious emotional maturity called Slide Away. It's a song about missing both her ex-boyfriend and her old home the latter of which burned up in the California wildfires last year but takes the high road by letting them slide into the Pacific Ocean.…
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She was so insanely more beautiful back then (ò_Ô) :o

Always sad to see amazing People fall down to become Fools.
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Such an ugly Whore ... ...

This is one of the People who first "whore around" in a petty Fashion and then get angry when someone points it out to them that they are Sluts :XD:
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She played herself, haha!
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I think years ago my cousins wanted to see her in concert, but then my aunt wouldn’t let them because of how trashy Miley is.
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This is what happens when you treat your child more like your friend. But then again, Miley made more money than Billy Ray ever did
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She's not even sexy. She looks nasty as fuck
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Yep.  Personally I never found whores attractive.  I like sweet innocent girls.
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am I seriously the only one who notices that she's twerking with Beetlejuice?
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She could have said no. I mean look at Hillary Duff, she didn't go sexual and is living a decent life now. You don't have to be a whore. 
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She doesn't even look good wearing that
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Hence my choice of the word "trashy".
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