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Doctor of the Dead



Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where escape is not as simple as jumping out a window and running. Sometime during the night, the hotel where we were staying became overrun by the Dead. From the looks of things, they must have heard us drive up to the building, and crashed through the windows at the front of the building. We didn't realize what had happened until it was too late. They were already swarming all over the bottom floor. Our only chance for escape was to walk amongst them and try to blend in. This was going well, we were making progress toward the side door next to which our car was parked, when I decided to snap a quick shot of crowd. As I did, this poor soul, who must have been a doctor in life, noticed my aberrant behaviour. Instantly, we knew we had no choice but to force our way past and make a run to the jeep. It wasn't until we were speeding away, relatively unscathed, when we realized that Robert was not with us.
There was no way that we could go back. We waited on the outskirts of town for a full day, hoping that he had made it out and would come find us, but we never saw anything but the parade of shufflers following the sounds of our motor. This was the first time that my actions had gotten a fellow human killed, all for a damn photograph.
Somehow, I knew this wouldn't be the last time that my obsession would get us into trouble.
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nice, its like two pieces of art. This is pretty much the mentality of the U.S medical field anyhoo.