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My BFF Janie Marie's Celty cosplay turned out amazing! She was easily way better than any other Celty I saw there (or even online). Seriously, she went all-out!

Model: :iconjaniellmarie: *JaniellMarie
Cosplay Wardrobe, materials and props by the model!
Photography: Me! [[link]
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Mar 31, 2012, 3:19:23 PM
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This is still so glorious. <3
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Celty is one of my fav characters in DRRR, sexy and mysterious. Tough cosplay to do..
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WOW!!Awesome cosplay and great pic!!:)
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Such a gorgeous Celty!:heart::love:
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wow such a great pose
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Wow she's amazing!
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She was sooo pretty! I loved her <3
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Yeah, there were definitely some lacking Celtys at detour. They made me a bit sad.
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Yeah, I only saw three, and Jane was by far the best!
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I heard you were doing the photos for Detour. I never got around to it since:
A. Couldn't get far as Celestia
B. I was in the masquerade meaning half my day was spent with that
C. As soon as it was done I got the hell out of my costume. 9.5 hours was enough!
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Who were you in the Masquerade? I shot that as well as my room party images! :D
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I was Princess Celestia. I was a giant fluffy pony with sparkly butt fluff.
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Did you see all those photos Chase Wirth took of you? (I assume you have, because they're quite good and clearly you were aware of them being taken!)


There are plenty more, of course. I love your cosplay! :)
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Oh yes, that was my random friday cosplay that I had him snap a few shots of for me. I submitted two to DA that I really liked. Some are just fun and random though.
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<3333333 i love you lol
celtys my role model
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I feel badly that I don't really know the character yet! I gotta start watching Durarara!
cosplayer27's avatar
omg shes amazing lol
photosynthetique's avatar
That's what Janie said too, and I definitely trust her opinion on such things, so clearly I need to get caught up!
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lol i cosplay kida =)
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