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Cat blob

Another blob! This time it's a cat. :aww:

Actually, when I first started making small animations of the 'Blob' creatures that creatureart :iconcreatureart: and I came up with at least 5 years ago, I wasn't able to create transparent backgrounds for them. Much later, when I was able to, I went back and redid a few of my original animations to have a transparent background. At the time I did this, I didn't have access to any program that would open the animation up to show all the frame files. That meant I could only open the first frame of the animation (for many of the animations I'd done, I didn't save every single separate frame as its own file. Once I'd finished an animation, I just deleted the separate frames) and try to recreate the animation from there.

Luckily this animation in its original, non-transparent form was pretty simple; so not much has changed. Hm... maybe I'll upload the original in my scraps. :) Yeah, I think I'll do that. ^_^ (Okay, here we go! [link] )

(Personally this is one of my favourite blobs. Not quite sure why... maybe just because it's a cat? :D )

Again: you may not use any of my images, including these blobs/emoticon like ones, without my permission.
Thank you. :)
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Hi. Can I use this to try to make another, with two purring cat blobs cuddling together?
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Very cute thing!!! Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use] Rainbow Heart [Free to use] 
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Cute! This looks like my OC LeafStar! :D
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So I must ask for you permission so that I can use it?
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This one should be in the official list of DA !
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do u take requests?
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Me too! Meow!!
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i love this emote!!
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:iconcatblobplz: Hey It Dosen't Work ???
What's Up ???
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use : thumb93439279: 
(without space)
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Sorry, it's not the right size for an avatar pic. :P
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You Mean Icon Pic Right ??

That's What I Wanted !!
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