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Morning Coffee-PS Brush

There's always leftover coffee by the time I get into the office in the afternoon, and I've got coffee cups and a scanner. So I decided to make coffee cup ring brushes. Whoo! So for your enjoyment, 10 fairly large format (most brushes are between 200 and 700 pixels in width or length) coffee stain brushes.

[+] No instructions are given on how to use these. No promises are made that the pattern file will actually work with your version of Photoshop. If you're having problems using these files please Google it. Google knows everything.
[+] These files are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. Feel free to use these for commercial and non commercial works, however do not simply upload these files to another website or include on a clip art CD.
[+] Providing a link back is always nice, but not required.
[+] I love seeing what others have done with these brushes, so feel free to drop me a note on DA, email me at:, send me a tweet:… or msg me on tumblr:

Image pack for non Photoshop users:…

P.S. Also, if you're gonna like feature this brush in a magazine article or something please contact me so I can buy a copy. My mom likes to put stuff like that on the fridge.
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I have done that too!

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thanks great set of brushes

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Thank you catching love 
I'm going to try them out! I love coffee!
Thank you - I love these.
Thank you so much! this is great!
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Downloaded Thank You
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Thanks for these wonderful stains :-) ! Used them here.
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thx for sharing !
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thanks a lot! so nice of you!
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Thank you I might be using. I will poke when I do.
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Thanks so much for these brushes...and for making them free to use for commercial works. :) 
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Hi :wave: I´ve used your greta stock here:
THX  for sharing :heart:
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Thank you!!!!
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Beautiful brushes~ I may be using it in a full page ad for the store I work at in the Comikaze convention book!
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