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A one-on-one critique by Jedi Master SAM SPRATT to Padawan JOHN ASLARONA


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I love Star Wars. Its pieces like this that make me love it even more! The detail in this piece is only able to be summed up with one word: incredible. The color is fantastic and a sense of balence helps keep everything in line. This picture of Yoda is one of my favorites because it relays a message about the character that people dont often depict when drawing him. The message of Yoda being very wise and powerful, almost like a force god, but he is still very short and not intimidating at first glance. This picture shows Yodas true ability and gives him a dynamic strong appearance, yet everyone knows of his short stature. This makes this piece ironic which I personally like and that is what gives it more than just the awesome detail. Its also elements of this I find in Star Wars that make it one of the best movies of all time. Great Job!