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The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight - an imagining of Batman in the middle ages.

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I really enjoy this piece. In my opinion, the relation between Batman and the knight are almost flawless.

I think a closer examination of the armor is needed as well. I love the mix of plate and leather (between the shoulder and cowl for example). The helmet is awesome, and the sword has a very Gothic theme, reminiscent of Gotham City architecture perhaps. The shield design is fantastic. It reminds me of the Ebony shield in Skyrim, except this one is better. I love the almost wing looking points on the upper corners of the shield, that curve towards the centre to make that sort of bat ears design we see on Batman's emblem and on batarangs. The depiction of the bat emblem works perfectly with the smooth surface of the shield.

My only negative remark is about the belt; it works, but I personally feel it looks more like a wrestling or boxing champion's belt than a knight or Batman. Very minor though.

PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu did an excellent job capturing the image of Batman and the Knight. Definitely one of the best depictions I've seen of this combination.