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A matte painting project with TV's Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, over George Dawe's Portrait of General Pyotr Bagration.

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omg that's some real art right there, i love him sm

anartpostaweek's avatar

yoooo tahts epic, and also i dig your username bahha, very accurate

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SuzumiyaDistraccion's avatar
Omg, he's really attractive *//////*
Kassena's avatar
This is so good, I love a man in a uniform and considering its Ben...Heart 
GinjaNinja2499's avatar
He looks pretty good in a uniform!
KagamineLenFangirl's avatar
benedict cumber-arnold

that's great ^^ XD
cumberbatch-lover's avatar
he looks so yummy in those clothes!!!
FinalFantasyWarrior's avatar
ArtKosh's avatar
My god! Hilarious!

Sir Cumerbatch, Your Majesty, You are gorgeous, my lord!
Ts0F's avatar
This is great! Great job!
Valentine345's avatar
Looks like Santa Anna. =)
hayochi's avatar
You should show this to him!
Lawleighette's avatar
That... was... no. That... is... AMAZING! Piss off! :D
Dear Kung Fu:

This is Indy. Greetings from Canada!! I hope this finds you and yours well.

This is magnificent!!! General Pyotr doesn't stand a chance against the Cumberlord!!! The colours are deep and rich, and the title "General" fits Sherlock's ego to a T. If you don't mind, I'd like to put this in my faves gallery.

Will there be a Watson to go with this piece? As Frank Sinatra once said, "You can't have one without the other."

Keep up the good work, kiddo!!!

                                                                                   Believing in Sherlock Holmes always,

GabyClaire's avatar
This is hilarious I love it! :love:
TheArtisticTwins's avatar
Wow! Amazing work! :D
Asmo-chan's avatar
This is just brilliant ! It looks so realistic. Well, in the time frame of the original portrait.

Even if the face and hair are a tiny bit too "smooth" compared to the rest of the painting where the cracks in the painting due to natural ageing can be seen. But I'd say it's just me seeing things because I know to expect them.

An impressive result anyway !
Lupin-the-14th's avatar
This totally blew my mind. So awesome!
30FlutterChey03's avatar
this is brilliant. 
CityOfEntropy's avatar
Brilliant and so fitting of him XD
filmshirley's avatar
Hahahaa! I love this. I would love to do something fun along these lines in oils, but I'm too poor. This is seamlessly rendered! Well done.
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