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My, my, I haven't thought about this show in forever. I must find it on DVD now (English dub, thanks). Anyway, I'd have to say this is a wonderful tribute to a great show. His face actually looks like a real human being and not a piece of plastic like most CGI movies do. The reflections of his beak visor are also well-done without being needlessly flashy. Although the composition is simple, eh, sometimes that's just what you want to make in a piece and it works. And as a guy struggling to master digital coloring myself, I can also appreciate the subtle folds of cloth on Ace's collar. The devil's in the details and sometimes the details are a pain but always worth it. Great artwork, friend.
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I appreciate that so much Keith! Thank you! ;) :aww:
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No problem, John! I'm trying to clean up my gallery and get it ready to weather some critiques of my own (replace all those lazy screengabs covering my story deviations with my own art for covers); I can only hope to be half as good as your artwork. :D
PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu's avatar
Thank you so much I appreciate that! I'm sure you can create as well or even better, just keep practicing and try learning new stuff ;) :bounce:
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Efron as a G-Force member...!!! :P Looks awesome, great work and amazing colors, definition and traces...!! :D Just love it..!! ;)
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I remember this! Beautifully done.
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Very good piece of a handsome chap.
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I loved these characters when I was a kid!
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Rabittooth's avatar
Absolutely amazing. Beautiful.
PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu's avatar
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Loved this show, LOVE this painting, but hate the name.

It's either Mark or Ryu. :p
Skaramine's avatar
You are welcome. And, your advertising is true - you are a (the?) purveyor of pure awesomeness!
PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu's avatar
Haha I'm not really; As I tag myself as a Purveyor of Pure Awesomeness, it is not a title neither a description; but more likely 'Pure Awesomeness' is the goal that I constantly try to achieve in my works and in life, as a person and as an artist.
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:D You come close, good man.
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Oh, that is so gorgeous :iconlainloveplz:
You made me search your gallery for Jason/Joe/Dirk too :shakefist:

This brings back memories indeed. I used to watch this show with my cousin.
Boy, we were hooked! :D
PhotoshopIsMyKung-Fu's avatar
Thank you very much! I love the show too, too bad they cancelled the new 3D movie ;) :party:
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Great work and nice design! :)
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