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Smoke Brushes Collection

As some of you requested :love: :

There are nearly 40 brushes in this set. Most of them are in max. size ( 2500 ) and the rest are really big as well.


So fellas, here's the deal ; the whole .rar set is like 30 MB

You can download the WHOLE 30 MB FILE FROM HERE if you wish.

* I uploaded it IN PARTS to RAPIDSHARE and mirrors in MEGAUPLOAD : : 3 parts = aprox 9 MB EACH.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

If you don't own a premium rapidshare account and don't like waiting, here they are the MIRRORS:


Part 2

Part 3

* * If there are broken links PLEASE REPORT IT and I'll be glad to fix that * *

* Credit Me If Used + Link Me back
* Let me know if used
* DO NOT redistribute
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Thank you for this awesome stock. I love these, but would it be okay to use them in commercial work? There is no mention, so I'm assuming no, but no harm in checking :)

Does someone have the files in other plataform? Those links are useless :(
Does someon have the brushes in other plataform? Those links are useless :( 
This is gorgeous! Will credit and link if used
Great work, dude.
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You made it for us..What a wonderful attitude..GOod work!
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Muchas gracias usada aquí Letras fueraby Puertuki
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I used your great smoke brushes here: [link] I also linked to your main page :iconsmile--plz:
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Heya, your stock has been used here:

Thank you :blowkiss:
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You have shared some amazing smoke effects in this pack. I have showcased your brushes in my collection and to download them people need to visit your page. I hope you will like it.

500+ Photoshop Smoke Brushes

Thanks :thanks:
cant use megaupload. FBI piracy act shut them down
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i am Dying to try these out, i cant wait. Thank you for uploading them
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I used your brushes here, [link]
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Just giving a head's up, I downloaded your smoke brushes and I may be using the in the future. I will be sure to link to here when I do use them. Theenks for the brush. <3
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Thank you for the comment (:
I've downloaded and extracted the file at which point it automatically opens Elements. Can you tell me where in Elements your tools will show up? I can't find them? Thanks!
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elements? i have no idea. i actually dont understand what you are talking about. you are supposed to extract the package and then open photohosp, and will apper in the brushes cathegory after you load em.
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Thanks! Im used your beautiful stock here:
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