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Retro - PS Patterns

27 patterns

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1. Notify me / Credit me / Link Me -> if you use my stuff
2. Yes you can use my stock outside Da , still, notify me
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your ideas and designs are epic ;P

thanks nice work!!! 
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Some way cool patterns here.  Thumbs Up 
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awesome patterns! i plan to use these outside da, would that be kewl with you?
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could you please make it on rar? idk why but i my ps cant open it if its on psd D;
but its okay if you dont want :3
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change the document extention to .pat
PeeaceLov3's avatar
These are so cool <3 but they don't work for me :/
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bigTEEGS's avatar
I can't get these to work either =(
thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
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Thank you for sharing and I will notify you when I use your wonderful retro patterns.
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Excellent job. I just made some retro ones too if you want to swap.. [link]
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hey bro, theese are very nice patts, but im on mac os 10.5 and if i click dl it opens an unknown extension on safari, can u help me dl this great stuff please? thank you!
photoshop-stock's avatar
hey ! lol im a girl actually. I can make an image pack for you if thats ok ?
art-e-fact's avatar
hey sorry i didnt knew hehe but i made it! finally i could install theese pretty paths!!!

again: GOOOOOD JOB i love it
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