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Random 2 - PS Patterns


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1. Notify me / Credit me / Link Me -> if you use my stuff
2. Yes you can use my stock outside Da , still, notify me
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I do not understand how renaming this file will make it a .pat . I added .pat to the name it did not change it in any way. If I try to open it PS says it is not a PS file. ??? I am really dumb I guess, Can someone please tell me step by step how to load this as a pattern ?
Thank you
how can i open this file T T 
Making Christmas cards thanks! :)
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Planning to make some cake pop labels for a present - lovely patterns!
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So lovely.
Thank a lot ^^
very nice!!! chooo
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I used it! I will note you the drawing
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thank you lovely
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The patterns you have selected are wonderful and very detailed.
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Uhm. Hi~ How do i rename psd files to pat? Hehe. I'm just a beginner, hope you'll understand ^^
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I am unable to load your psd file to my photoshop patterns. any chance of sending it to me as a .pat file?

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rename the file to .pat instead of .psd
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I would like to download your patterns, Random 2 for a project.
Can you shre them with me?

I can't tell you how long I've been looking for high quality striped textures! Beautiful work! Is there anyway I could use this on a motion graphic I'm creating about children's education? If not I completely understand. Just let me know at
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Its ok, dont worry about it (:
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Love your pattern, but i just can download .psd files, but it should be .pat files, am i doing something wrong or did you just uploaded the .psd files instead of the .pat files?
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load the patterns as .pat files, the normal procedure like the file was a .pat. is the same thing
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