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My Bio
My photos and designs are NOT STOCK.
PLEASE ask me first, before you do anything. I reserve the right to view your work and style before I give my permission.

I will NOT give permission for my images to be practice for retouching of any kind. This is a hard and fast rule. No exceptions.

Sorry I had to emphasize this with bold text, but people are just going ahead without asking first. Please just ask me FIRST.

About me

I only photograph women. If you wonder why just read the quote from William Blake at the foot of my journal.

For nude shoots, I will hesitate if you are less than 21 years old.

I shoot art nudes and erotica, but other kinds of shoots are very welcome. I can only offer TF or trade.

I do Not tolerate escorts of either sex. Maybe I will if they stay outside on the sidewalk. I'm serious.

References. From you, and from me to you, especially if we are doing a trade for lodging. Message me for addresses. Trade for lodging is only a factor when offered by me. I'm not a hotel.

I prefer a lot of communication. I find it helps immensely if we know each other. If we're complete strangers when we shoot it simply doesn't result in the sort of photos I'm looking to make.

I'm not interested in working with anyone who hasn't really looked at my work, and isn't excited to make art together. I want them not to be shy about revealing their body and soul and not afraid to push their own boundaries. This is why I love working with artists, dancers, photographers, actresses, etc. They are always pushing their edges. They make some of the best nude models.

I had a callback for head shots from an actress I met the other day, so I decided to revamp my non nude website It's still a work in progress design wise. Content is mostly new. Let me know what you think!

A note on Stock
I'm always flattered when someone wishes to use any of my art for a project of theirs. It's exciting and humbling. I want to encourage it. If I can inspire as I've been inspired, that's wonderful. However! I do encourage anyone to use them for reference, composite use etc., but with my permission.

Unless you want to make something degrading or just ugly for the sake of ugliness I will say Yes!


On DA with Eloísa Valdes AKA Helewidis.
You can read it Here

With Chris Saint James
European Editor for "Carrie Leigh Nude Magazine".
You can read it Here

Thank you!!

Current Residence: Korea Town, Los Angeles, CA
Favourite genre of music: As Louis Armstrong said. “There is two kinds of music the good and bad." I like good
Favourite photographer: Paul Caponigro, Gabriele Rigon
Operating System: Mac OS X
Shell of choice: Abalone
Skin of choice: Inside of the thigh.
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny
Personal Quote: You've died and gone to Hell and this is it!

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
The Third Man
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Kelly Willis
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Football! The real kind. Fussball, Futbol. You know
Tools of the Trade
Cameras, Lights, Tripods, Hiking boots, My Muse to inspire me
Other Interests
Photography, Fine Art, Music, Film, World Affairs and culture


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Lately I've been hearing this gem in my head. The words are by one of my very favourite poets: William Blake with a musical setting by the wonderful Sir Hubert Parry: And did those feet in ancient time. Walk upon England's mountains green: And was the holy Lamb of God, On England's pleasant pastures seen! And did the Countenance Divine, Shine forth upon our clouded hills? And was Jerusalem builded here, Among these dark Satanic Mills? Bring me my Bow of burning gold; Bring me my Arrows of desire: Bring me my Spear: O clouds unfold! Bring me my Chariot of fire! I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my Sword sleep in my ha
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Recently I lost an old friend to cancer. It was a recurrence of the breast cancer she's suffered from years earlier. She was "cured" back in 1994, but a period of extreme stress in her life weakened her enough for the lurking malignancy to re assert itself attacking her spine last year. She and I hadn't seen each other much since I left Seattle in 1988, but she was always a person I made a point of seeing whenever I visited. I did get to spend a few days with her last spring. We wandered about the coffee shops and restaurants of her first hill neighborhood. Talked non-stop as we always have. She was the same as I had always known her. Tower
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Gear obsession

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From The Luminous Landscape: I thought I should share. Once Upon a Time.... Once upon a time there was a young career photographer. He was talented, but he didn't have much money. Nevertheless, because it was the mid-'60's and he was reacting to his depression/war era parents, he thought that money wasn't important — art always came first. Consequently while as his peers, who were developing their careers alongside his, bought Nikon Fs, M series Leicas and Hasselblads, our hero had to satisfy himself using Pentax and Minoltas along with inexpensive third-party lenses from Tamron
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It was a great pleasure walking through your gallery. Thank you for Betcee :heart:

I'll be watching :+devwatch:.

Just to let you know David died many years ago, (2012) a great loss to all that appreciated his work, this is just a "legacy" account now and is not updated.

Such sad news :(

R.I.P. David.

Thank you Philip for letting me know.

Beautiful just absolutely fucking beautiful!

:iconbummiesplz:Happy belated Birthday! Have your cake and eat it too