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"Photos-that-move-us" is dedicated to showcasing beautiful works of art in many mediums. Basically we are looking for art that creates an emotion in the viewer.
Open to: Photographers, models, digital artists, drawings, and 3d renderings.

Submission Guidelines:

• Please limit your submissions to your BEST images.
• Refrain from submitting different versions of the same image.
• Don’t be shy to comment on the work of other members of the group.
• Please look at the folder names carefully and submit accordingly.
• You may submit 1 deviation a day to the featured gallery. ONLY pick your best!
• Anyone can join and all join requests WILL be accepted, even if you don't submit, please support these revolutionary, amazing people by watching this group!
• AND most importantly, have fun!

Gallery Folders


Mature Content

Indigo by BIOCITY2
in her eyes by BIOCITY2
Elevator D by BIOCITY2
rebecca__ by matmoon
Clothed women
Leo by Pixelfusionen
Julia by Pixelfusionen
Lisa II - XIII by Pixelfusionen
Lisa portrait 7 by Pixelfusionen
Clothed Men
My Other Me by logandf
Fable rouge by olherd
Great Expectations by B0NDART
DT by sareph
Nude Female Form
that panties by BIOCITY2

Mature Content


Mature Content

Ada in the dark by BIOCITY2

Mature Content

languor by BIOCITY2
Nude Male Form

Mature Content

mannerwerk4 by NaPaulU

Mature Content

Myself by logandf

Mature Content

Myself nude in da Darkest Side by logandf

Mature Content

Barstool Gymnast by CrashandBurnPhoto

Mature Content

S20 by Poggiali
14 by mehtadushy
Wow Woman by mehtadushy

Mature Content

Erotic Red Hood by Readman
rochu-together by snowhaven
TheBreeze1 by TheBreeze1

Mature Content

One night in bathroom by Henri22
Never surrender. by Pindakees
A slice of life by gilad
Wave Series i by cprmay
my personal evolution by jyoujo
warm up by jyoujo
A Flavor 01 by kobaru

Mature Content

The Viral Virgin by Anathema-Photography

Mature Content

Skin Deep by Anathema-Photography
crash course by curlytops
Beautiful Faces
not to look by BIOCITY2
Lovita by BIOCITY2

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I started "Photos that move us" because I enjoy art. Simply. In many forms. But specific kinds of art. I love art that makes me feel, think, question, wonder, worry, fear, etc. I love emotional art.
I want this group to be a place to share and showcase artists who create work that moves us.
I have it open to a few categories, but I am open to more if you have a suggestion.

Contributors: Who will contribute work automatically. If you feel my group suits your work, please ask about becoming a contributor, you will have little to no admin duties, I just ask that you submit work to the group as you upload! :heart:

:heart: Current galleries: :heart:
• 1. Clothed women: This is a place for those powerful images usually in the glamor, editorial or lifestyle categories. (photographic images only)
• 2. Clothed men: This is a place for the emotional invoking masculine power based images. This usually fall under editorial, fetish, lifestyle or higher fashion. (photographic images only)
• 3. Nude Female Form: This is a place to showcase the female form in its simplest form. This is a category for mostly fine art nudes. (photographic images only)
• 4. Nude Male Form: This is a place to showcase the power of the male nude form. This again is mostly for fine art nudes.
• 5. Fetish: This is a gallery aimed at showcasing the beauty and power of Fetish based images. (photographic images only)
• 6. Traditional: This is reserved for traditional hand-drawn, in assorted mediums, images. (This can encompass: nudes, portraits, landscape, architecture, animals etc- very open gallery)
• 7. Digital: Same as traditional but done with digital medium.
• 8. Nature: Showcase the beauty of nature in assorted forms.  (photographic images only)
• 9. Horror: Showcase the Majesty of horror! (photographic images only please)
• 10. Couples: This gallery is to showcase the beauty of love- between couples, (man + man, Woman + woman, Man + woman) *Photographic images only*
• 11. Beautiful faces: This gallery showcases the beauty of a face. Usually glamour, fashion, or editoral portraits centered around headshots.
• 12. Lingerie: This gets it's own gallery because I want to showcase the sensual beauty of a lingerie-clad woman. The pure carnal, sensual energy of a teasing, enticing, powerful woman. (Photographic images only)  

:heart: Rules: :heart:
• Please respect artists.
• No harassing
• Please comment and support fellow artists
• No excessive profanity
• No art that violates DA terms of service
• No pornographic images
More Journal Entries

Random from Featured

Latex harness 3 by Estelle-Photographie
Mature content
Latex harness 3 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 214 4
Latex harness 1 by Estelle-Photographie
Mature content
Latex harness 1 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 111 1
Latex harness 2 by Estelle-Photographie
Mature content
Latex harness 2 :iconestelle-photographie:Estelle-Photographie 98 0
Playful by shakis
Mature content
Playful :iconshakis:shakis 88 4
Angel by Nadixe Angel :iconnadixe:Nadixe 421 25 Cornered by Nadixe Cornered :iconnadixe:Nadixe 514 33 Angel 05 by Nadixe Angel 05 :iconnadixe:Nadixe 234 4 Angel by Nadixe Angel :iconnadixe:Nadixe 162 9 Hot Pink 2 by RaymondPrax Hot Pink 2 :iconraymondprax:RaymondPrax 295 35 MissTerrorCat Latex-Outfit (pink-black-front) by AmatorisLatexCouture MissTerrorCat Latex-Outfit (pink-black-front) :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 782 11 TerrorCat Latex-Outfit (pink-black) by AmatorisLatexCouture TerrorCat Latex-Outfit (pink-black) :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 369 3 Model TerrorCat Latex-Dress (pink-black) by AmatorisLatexCouture Model TerrorCat Latex-Dress (pink-black) :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 509 6 TerrorCat Latex-Outfit (Kl0009 back) by AmatorisLatexCouture TerrorCat Latex-Outfit (Kl0009 back) :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 765 15 Latex-Leggings by AmatorisLatexCouture Latex-Leggings :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 1,210 31 TerrorCat Latex-Outfit (Kl0009) by AmatorisLatexCouture TerrorCat Latex-Outfit (Kl0009) :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 903 31 Latex-Leggings by AmatorisLatexCouture Latex-Leggings :iconamatorislatexcouture:AmatorisLatexCouture 607 6

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I'm not sure what you mean by that?
Vanished98 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I always submit photos that are suggested from friends and they never get accepted!! And All I ever see on here are girls flaunting their bodies (I have no problem with that) but just the fact that it's so much more about nude/partial nude women and looking through them they don't exactly "move" me hahaha I think everyone is beautiful I just think the title "photos that move us" should be "photos that turn you on" hahahaha
DanailyaReese Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2014  Professional Photographer
And do not be Butt hurt that your submissions did not get in.
That's not a reason to be negative on a public group wall.
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There is alot more than naked and half naked women in this gallery and those that are INCREDIBLE photography and works of art that move me. Sorry my personal taste does not fit your description of "moving art."
There is also a wide variety of galleries from digital to traditional works as well.
There is emotion, beauty, landscape, bodyscape, and an abundance of other things going on in this groups art.

Sorry your submissions do not fit my standard.
I am extremely picky with submissions and choose to only feature very high end works of art.

Thank you for your thoughts, but always remember art is subjective. Sorry you do not feel this group fits it's name well, but I politely disagree.
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