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Well, good morning, afternoon, evening, everyone!

    Well, we have finally broken the 3k membership.  This is a great accomplishment.  Most of you probably don't know but this group has been an active group for almost 9 years......3 years ago in January of 15, our group, along with many others were hijacked by a large group of malicious hackers from somewhere in the middle east.  At the time of being hacked we were over 10,000 members and 8k watchers, one of the largest groups on DA.  When we were "hacked" they systematically deleted every gallery except for the original "Featured", only because you can't delete that, it's what a new group starts with.  And "kicked out" EVERY member of the group, including me.  I was reinstated as founder and had to basically start a brand new group again.  So for us to reach 3k in 3 years is a great start!  I want to THANK everyone that has stood by us through the hack, I know we lost a lot of people in the transition as did many other groups that suffered the same outcome.  But it seems like we have recovered better than most if not all!!!!!  I also want to thank all the new members that have chosen us to share their wonderful creations with.  THANKS!!!!!  Now do us a favor and invite your like minded friends, and any others, and lets make this group even better.

Hope everyone is having a great Spring in the north latitudes and fall in the Southern Hemisphere!  

If anyone is interested in being a contributor, please send me a message.  Sometimes my work keeps me from signing on for a few days and I feel like the group suffers because of it, and I can always use the help!

Keep posting!!!



Welcome everyone, please let me know if we can be of any assistance!

Hope everyone enjoys the group!


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