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The Lady Killer by snomanda
Into the Fog by La-Vita-a-Bella
Behind the Fly by AMLensCreations
Daphney Quinn by AMLensCreations
Featured II
Parking swans by Cyklopi
Little Boat Big Ocean by isischneider
Peru | Machu Picchu by lux69aeterna
Animals II
giant dog-eating catfish by TreborNehoc
Birthday of a Queen by TheMoonlightMadGirl
Kalynn Prend la Pose by LePtitSuisse1912
5528 Chaffinch on the ground by RealMantis
Animals FULL
Bird045 by ov3
Polar fox by KlaraDrielle
Piggyback by Marigold95
Window Sill by lalaweki
La tour de l'Horloge by LePtitSuisse1912
l'Abbatiale de Romainmotier en Hiver by LePtitSuisse1912
Cambridge by Season-5
Palmovka by DelphineHaniel
Black White and Sepia
Flow by Kopulus
Betting in Poker by MathematicGreen
Window dummy by UdoChristmann
In An Aimless State by rev3rsed-singularity
the spring comes by MT-Photografien
0175 Green shield bug by RealMantis
Bark by Ellatricity
0099 Big green grasshopper by RealMantis
Shallow River by Dark-Rose-Memories
Joyride by ThePrincessRobotRoom
After watching DBS: Broly by KrisAnderson97
Body Kun Adventures (Just An Ordinary Day) by KrisAnderson97
Nature Landscapes NOTHING HUMAN
Koenigssee by fleur-de-Lis4444
Different shape by MissNightmarePhoto
Ice on the Lochan by MaresaSinclair
Promise of a storm by MaresaSinclair
Nature FULL
The Gulf after tempest by Chabilie
Road to the Sun by NunoPires
0216 Quiet nature by RealMantis
Arches 5 by StudioSquidInkPhoto
People and Portraits
Reborn by MarieStars
Plants and Flowers
Still by InfinityPH
Plants and Flowers FULL
The deep sea. by F-Lagerdahl
A Northernly Chief In Dungeness by FFDP-Neko
Urban Landscape
Salwator Cemetery, Krakow, Poland I by MissNightmarePhoto
Daily Deviations
Walking Over Water by JulianRad
Spring Has Sprung Photo Contest
Welcome the season of spring by PassionAndTheCamera
Hey everyone.....

Just a reminder, if your submission violates one of the rules or guidelines, it just gets deleted.   With over 3250 members it becomes exceedingly time consuming to try to figure out where it "should" go or be moved.  It becomes a waste of YOUR time and mine.


Putting a picture of inanimate objects in animals (even if it looks like an animal) - deleted
Putting anything that belongs to the human world (cars, roads, houses, boats, people, electrical lines) in the Nature Landscapes - NOTHING HUMAN - deleted (anything that would have these items belongs in the Urban Landscape.
DA Watermark on ANYTHING - deleted
Bridges, stairs, statues in the Architecture - deleted
nudity - deleted

These are all explained pretty well I think in the "rules and guidelines" on the top of the front page.....please, be considerate....there are only a couple rules, so please take the time, read them and if you have ANY questions.....ask...I am more than happy to help out.

Keep them coming!  Invite your friends...

More Journal Entries

Please READ these rules and guidelines BEFORE you post!!!!!

First and foremost - WELCOME!!!

All except the featured group is automatically accepted, therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to follow these simple rules. We go through the entries every day and will remove or move those that don't abide by the rules or that are placed in the wrong groups. I.E. pictures of your feet in portraits, pictures of your dog in architecture. That being said here are some simple rules for this group...

NO DA WATERMARK OR ANY WATERMARK THAT COVERS a majority of the photo, or intrudes on the subject of the photo, they will be DELETED!!
Please, it destroys the aesthetics of the image. ~~ If you need a watermark, create one of your own that is less intrusive, just like so many of our artists have done, and this helps preserve the copyright of the photo. None of the professional photographers use the DA watermark, they have their own and much better ways to preserve copyrights and avoid theft.

#2. ~No hate comments, only constructive criticism

#3. Lately, we've been having a lot of submissions to Featured. Now you can only submit one deviation to featured every day. And all deviations to featured are subject to vote.

#4. We are a photographic group, therefore, your submission MUST be a photograph. Should go without saying but we have had some confusion in this. Also, it should be obvious that it is a photo, if there is so much "Photoshop" work that you can't tell if it is a photo it will be deleted. The group is a "right out of the camera" type of group, if you are merging two photos or manipulating it in photoshop type programs, other than some color, contrast, sharpness adjustments, this isn't the group for you. We want to see your "talent" at photography, not photoshop.

Nudity must be subtle and artistic.
Little to no nudity is accepted....key word is SUBTLE. We have members of all ages and we must maintain an environment for everyone. In other words, NO nudity for nudity's sake.

#6. Once your submission is in one of our galleries PLEASE do not move it to storage. It creates a void in the gallery that we have to go back into and delete one by one. I have had entire collections removed by an artist and spent hours going folder by folder looking for and deleting "deviations in storage".

#7. DO NOT use our group to "SELL" your crafts. This is a photography group, taking pictures of an item you have for sale on etsy or any other site, is NOT to be posted in our group. It will be deleted and if it becomes a regular thing we will have to ban you from the group, sorry. I do not mean charging for your picture to be downloaded, that is ok.

The following guidelines should be followed when submitting artwork to the group, any violation of these guidelines and you risk having your submission deleted or rejected. PLEASE take the time to read these over and when in doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

- In short words, : the art or science of designing and creating buildings : a method or style of building. NOT bridges, NOT stairs, NOT statues.....etc. BUILDINGS!!! Inside of buildings if you can see some of the architectural aspects of the design, otherwise, miscellaneous or urban landscapes.

- one to one aspect ratio....since this is my forte, I am quite picky about it. A picture of a flower is NOT macro, unless the flower is very very tiny and the photo is very very big. In most true macro of a flower you can make out the individual pollen drops. Otherwise it goes elsewhere.

Nature Landscapres
- NO human aspects in the photo, no houses, no people, no roads, no buildings, etc. I have left a few in place that have a small bench, or old boat, but NO people/buildings. If it has aspects of our human culture, it can go in Urban Landscapes.

People and Portraits
- this is photos of PEOPLE....a photo of just your hand isn't a people or portrait, a photo of your feet, same thing. It needs to be a persons face at least or if taking shadows or silhouettes it needs to be obviously a person.

The rest should be self explanatory, and when in doubt, put it in the Miscellaneous, that's what it's there for.






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This Group is for photographers of all kinds, we are looking for YOUR best photos.
Founded 9 Years ago
Mar 11, 2010

North America

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Art Collection

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3,328 Members
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Mme Kouiiiik by Yggdr4zill
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Look forward to seeing your work!

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