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Orange Overload by AMLensCreations
Raissa Glamour by Brompled
Bow Lake by La-Vita-a-Bella

Mature Content

Nubian Walk by robpolder
Featured II
Reddish Mountains by s7RanGE
Model in street by Alexaimephotography
Almost a face by RobArrrts
SKY'S BLUES by MilesOtoole
Zoo Portraits - Emu by sirelmy
Pigeon Out For A Walk 9054 by wolvesandcharms
Bird In A Tree 7970 by wolvesandcharms
Tasty Toy by Citrus-Chickadee
City by the river by RobertNylund
Church Balcony by surfanta
The Baroque's colors by surfanta
V and A Dundee by hull62
Black White and Sepia
sakura blossom by SevenLivesOfLiz
I Will Always Have Your SIX by BebhinnDragon
Dark Music by AspenOtter08
Art of Losing by Yuukon
Pomegranate by Nini1996
1906 Ant on flower by RealMantis
Die Blume und das Watter by AspenOtter08
The Fae Lovers 1 by FeynaSkydancer
Playing the song of Spring by FeynaSkydancer
Still by Seerendipity
Mandalorian Ahsoka by Thomas-1073
Nature Landscapes NOTHING HUMAN
4 15 21 by ButterflyBlew
At The Edge Of Spring 8476 by wolvesandcharms
Autumn By The Pond 4004 by wolvesandcharms
Wales by Vreniii
People and Portraits
Street portrait by StreetRealityPhotogr
Two Meters For Victory by wolvesandcharms
Dreaming Of Spring 7057 by wolvesandcharms
Viktor With Graceful Soles by VibrantOddities
Plants and Flowers
Spikelets in sunset by TheNunnally
Spikelets in sunset by TheNunnally
#547. by PiruetasdeFantasia
#548. by PiruetasdeFantasia
ship1 by speed-zoom
Urban Landscape
Moody dawn III by mabuli
Daily Deviations
Alabastrine by SpokeninRed
Animals FULL
Window Sill by lalaweki
Animals 2 FULL
Tiger goes meow by nicmuller
Black White and Sepia FULL
Mlle A 070 by ov3
Miscellaneous FULL
Key to the city by CynderAryan
Nature FULL
Untitled by stalker034
People and Portraits FULL
trance by JosefinaPhotography
Plants and Flowers FULL
Forget-me-not by AdrianGoebel
Urban Landscape FULL
Greek Tavern by andreasfragy
Spring Has Sprung Photo Contest
By the waterside by kikielzinga


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Couple quick notes....these items are right on the guidelines on the groups front page.
  1. NO DA WATERMARK or any other watermark that interferes with the main subject of the photo. INSTANT DELETE
  2. Nature Landscape NOTHING HUMAN folder, this means NOTHING from the human world....NOTHING. A house in the background, a fence, a paved road, a person, NOTHING HUMAN....I have tried in the past to move these to the proper folder, usually "Urban Landscape", but it became so time consuming that they are now just an INSTANT DELETE.
  3. Architecture Folder: Read the guidelines on the front page, it gives examples of what the true definition of Architecture is. NO statues, bridges, fences, etc. They just get deleted.
Other than those, most submissions have been pretty awesome. Have had a few that were WAAAY over processed to the point they no longer look like a photo...those too get deleted. Hate to waste your time posting and sharing just to get deleted but we have to keep things in order or we just lose the group.
More Journal Entries

WELCOME!! Please READ these rules and guidelines

First and foremost - WELCOME!!!

All except the featured group is automatically accepted, therefore, it is YOUR responsibility to follow these simple rules. We go through the entries every day and will remove or move those that don't abide by the rules or that are placed in the wrong groups. I.E. pictures of your feet in portraits, pictures of your dog in architecture. That being said here are some simple rules for this group...

NO DA WATERMARK OR ANY WATERMARK THAT COVERS a majority of the photo, or intrudes on the subject of the photo, they will be DELETED!!
Please, it destroys the aesthetics of the image. ~~ If you need a watermark, create one of your own that is less intrusive, just like so many of our artists have done, and this helps preserve the copyright of the photo. None of the professional photographers use the DA watermark, they have their own and much better ways to preserve copyrights and avoid theft.

#2. ~No hate comments, only constructive criticism

#3. Lately, we've been having a lot of submissions to Featured. Now you can only submit one deviation to featured every day. And all deviations to featured are subject to vote.

#4. We are a photographic group, therefore, your submission MUST be a photograph, and must be ONE photo, not a collage or multiple photos. It should go without saying but we have had some confusion in this. Also, it should be obvious that it is a photo, if there is so much "Photoshop" work that you can't tell if it is a photo it will be deleted. The group is a "right out of the camera" type of group, if you are merging two photos or manipulating it in photoshop type programs, other than some color, contrast, sharpness adjustments, this isn't the group for you. We want to see your "talent" at photography, not photoshop.

This is a NON nude group.
no nudity is accepted. We have members of all ages and we must maintain an environment for everyone. In other words, NO nudity for nudity's sake.

#6. Once your submission is in one of our galleries PLEASE do not move it to storage. It creates a void in the gallery that we have to go back into and delete one by one. I have had entire collections removed by an artist and spent hours going folder by folder looking for and deleting "deviations in storage".

#7. DO NOT use our group to "SELL" your crafts. This is a photography group, taking pictures of an item you have for sale on etsy or any other site, is NOT to be posted in our group. It will be deleted and if it becomes a regular thing we will have to ban you from the group, sorry. I do not mean charging for your picture to be downloaded, that is ok.

The following guidelines should be followed when submitting artwork to the group, any violation of these guidelines and you risk having your submission deleted or rejected. PLEASE take the time to read these over and when in doubt, don't hesitate to ask.

- In short words, : the art or science of designing and creating buildings : a method or style of building. NOT bridges, NOT stairs, NOT statues.....etc. BUILDINGS!!! Inside of buildings if you can see some of the architectural aspects of the design, otherwise, miscellaneous or urban landscapes.

- one to one aspect ratio....since this is my forte, I am quite picky about it. A picture of a flower is NOT macro, unless the flower is very very tiny and the photo is very very big. In most true macro of a flower you can make out the individual pollen drops. Otherwise it goes elsewhere.

Nature Landscapres
- NO human aspects in the photo, no houses, no people, no roads, no buildings, etc. I have left a few in place that have a small bench, or old boat, but NO people/buildings. If it has aspects of our human culture, it can go in Urban Landscapes.

People and Portraits
- this is photos of PEOPLE....a photo of just your hand isn't a people or portrait, a photo of your feet, same thing. It needs to be a persons face at least or if taking shadows or silhouettes it needs to be obviously a person.

The rest should be self explanatory, and when in doubt, put it in the Miscellaneous, that's what it's there for.






Group Info

This Group is for photographers of all kinds, we are looking for YOUR best photos. We are more of a 'right out of the camera' type of group, keep your post processing to a minimum, please.
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