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Note me (OsoreShirazu) if you would like to be considered. This group gets between 10 and 20 entries a day and they all need to be considered and voted upon for anything to get in. It's not a tremendous amount of work, but my real life has been super busy in the days of late and I'm laggin behind.

Contributors can do unlimited submissions, and their work gets in much easier (fewer votes) then others. So you will need to have either a very impressive photo gallery or a non-existant one to qualify to make sure it doesn't get abused. I'll also look at your favorites category to get an idea of what your tastes for photography are.

I look forward to hearing from you. Rock on!

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Group Info and Rules...

:highfive: Greetings and welcome!! PhotoPrestige is a group for Outstanding Photographers. Our primary focus and vision is to Galvanize and Astonish. We want to create a place that inspires photographers to improve and break new ground by showing that they can always do better. We hope to accomplish this in Two Ways:

Strict entry guidelines; all incoming gallery submissions will require a majority vote from our admin staff. We will use the following criteria in judging admissions:
:bulletgreen: Composition: Balance. Rule of thirds. Leading lines. Good focus and clearly defined subject. Depth of field. Shutter speed. Level horizon line.
:bulletgreen: Lighting: Studio lighting or natural lighting. Type of lighting used (paramount, butterfly, Rembrandt, etc...). White balance. Subject highlights and shadows.
:bulletgreen: Post processing: Composite photo manipulation is not allowed, however well done post processing is encouraged. You can read more about this here. Note either the Founder or Co-Founder if you have any questions about what is allowed or not.
:bulletgreen: Nude photography is not allowed. Sorry.
:bulletgreen: No distracting watermarks are allowed. Anything with the default DeviantART watermark will be automatically disqualified. We understand and appreciate the need for watermarks for security's sake, but it is the photographer's responsibility to ensure that said watermark does not detract from the overall image.
:bulletgreen: In short, we need to see a combination of thought and great skill in every photo we are to accept. Take a look at the folder you are submitting to for a good idea of what we are looking for.
:bulletgreen: If your work is rejected, please don't take it personally, as we don't. We understand many of our fellow deviants are sensitive to criticism, so we will not tell you why a photo was rejected automatically. Instead, we ask that you simply drop it into the Critique folder described below if you do wish to know how your image can be improved.

**The Critique Folder has been closed until further notice. We simply don't have enough time to respond to full critiques in any kind of timely manner. One day in the future if/when we have more admins to help out, I will open it again submissions.
:bulletblue: The gallery folder "Needs Critique" is for photos that either we or you do not meet the criteria to be included in the regular gallery.
:bulletblue: All photos will be accepted here.
:bulletblue: Once in, someone from our admin team will give you his/her :twocents: about what can be improved in the photograph.
:bulletblue: After the critique is complete, we will remove the image from the gallery. This is only to help us stay organized.
:bulletblue: For time's sake, we will more then likely only include negative aspects in our critique. By placing your image in this folder, we are assuming that you are expecting and even desiring this to help you grow. Once again, please DO NOT take our critiques personally as we certainly do not. We will strive to be as objective as possible.
:bulletblue: Also, if you happen to be a premium member, please enable Critiques on your deviation so we can utilize these where necessary. This also allows you to easily hide said critique after if you choose to.

We look forward to you becoming a member here and sharing some of your best shots!! We tried to make this info section as exhaustive as possible, however should you have any additional questions, just leave a comment or note either the Founder or Co-Founder and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out our sister group :iconphotolovelies:. The entry guidelines there are not nearly as strict. It is meant to be a place where anyone that loves photography can be a part of.

Have fun!!

Darren :iconosoreshirazu:

Folder Descriptions:
:bulletpurple: Featured - Submissions here are only allowed by the Founder and Co-Founder. We will hand pick the Best of the Best and place them into this category.
:bulletpurple: People - Any photograph where the main focus is a person or persons.
:bulletpurple: Places - Shots of places built or created by man's hands. Architecture, parks, cityscapes, etc. Can be close up or wide angle, interior or exterior.
:bulletpurple: Nature - Images where the primary subject is natural and not man made. Landscapes, waterscapes, cloudscapes, flowers, forests, deserts, etc. Man made structures within the image are allowed, as long as they are not the main subject and do not detract from the presentation as a whole.
:bulletpurple: Macros - Close up and extreme close up work, of any subject matter.
:bulletpurple: Still Life - Presentation of inanimate objects in a studio-like setting.
:bulletpurple: Animals - Yup. Both wild and domestic. Zoo shots are acceptable, but only if nothing within the frame shows they are in captivity (ie brick walls, gates and fences, people).
:bulletpurple: Misc - Anything that does not fit into any of the other categories correctly. Our goal is to keep this folder as empty as possible, so reach out if you feel the creation of a new folder is necessary.


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