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exit to the astral

exit to the astral plane through the bathroom:)
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genius idea, I have some interior decorating to do
Mr-Knife's avatar
Oh my....That's both trippy and absolutely beautiful. My oh my.
Susmit88's avatar
colors.. lines.. oh man!!
HighHeelsArt's avatar
Great picture, very unique. Colors are great too.
profutur1971's avatar
Beautiful image! Beauty, Charmed and originality ! Good job ![link]
Croix-de-Trefle's avatar
I love colors ... Wonderful works!
DaiKamonohashi's avatar
I really wish there were some way I could favorite this at least five more times. D8
Toxic-Muffins-Studio's avatar
I love the mirror affects in this image. And the water looks so inviting.
SirKirkules's avatar
What a beautiful shot! An amazing use of mirrors!
JackCaliber's avatar
Relaxing to the point of transcendence.
sunshine2evry1's avatar
beautiful lighting :)
Mosspoint's avatar
This one is dreamy
jupiza's avatar
Man these pic is so charming and so dificcult to realize. Congratulations
AndreLuom's avatar
adorei o trevo de 4 folhas
Lostkavi's avatar
Wow. And not a hint of camera. very impressive. and very sexy model
dischart's avatar
AJHege's avatar
Interesting angle, concept and colors. Very unique.
Jimaco's avatar
nice. love the receding reflections in this shot.
nice! love the effect of the mirrors!
Forestina-Fotos's avatar
Damn, I LOVE this bathroom!
Almost as much as I love this shot! :clap:
Lonepariah's avatar
wow.... very pretty...
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