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Thailand with love IX

Baiyoke Sky Hotel, space zone
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There is another image titled "Thailand with love IX" ... so which one is actually which?
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What I like about your nudity usage is that its very matter of fact as opposed to "hey look at these" which makes it for me a much more intimate experience as a viewer. Congrats!
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Very cool composition.
Andrew310's avatar
I'm glad she found her niche in this world.
Gazounette's avatar
Featured here !
Have a great day :)
Minzile's avatar
one of the most beautiful photos i've ever seen
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Looks great, but give her a sandwich or something.
Oblivious-Naki's avatar
I don't understand that... maybe she just has high metabolism...

Isn't a comment like that really rude, sensei? Doesn't that hurt people's feelings, sensei?
subtronik's avatar
Why she is so thin doesn't bother me, what does is that she looks unhealthy.

The modeling world is epidemic with women that do bad things to stay thin.

If she's naturally that thin, and in good health, then fine.
Oblivious-Naki's avatar
Oh... she doesn't look un-healthy to me. But I guess that's because I can't see the colouring of her skin, or her eyes to see if she's sick. How does she look sickly to you?
subtronik's avatar
Bones jutting out from stretched skin.
Oblivious-Naki's avatar
Oh, I see. I just thought it was from the awkward position, considering that they aren't really that visable anyways.
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I recognised this as the Baiyoke, dunno why.

I suppose the fact that I lived right opposite it may have had something to do with it :)
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What a shot! Amazing! :clap:
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Simply wonderful!! My personal interpretation: The raw spirit of man boxed in by urbanization. I love this! Its striking contrasts and hidden depth are breathtaking. An instant Fav.
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Wonderful visual. My interpretation: The raw spirit of man jailed by urbanization. Beautiful in its depth and stark contrasts. I love it!
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beautiful B&W
Navrasend's avatar
Interesting composition)
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