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Portrait N. in blue socks

By photoport
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SaariCorporationHobbyist Filmographer
nice cool
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stillphototheaterProfessional Photographer
Simple and simply beautiful !
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Very nice.
Maybe with darker background (darker behind a door) and without a shadow on left side of door?
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a lot on her aren't really looking at her properly (to my mind). if she was unhealthily skinny her ribs would be poking can barely see any ribcage, so you can tell she's natural & healthy (as said earlier by the doctor).

try looking around at the people you know, male & female, and see the sheer variety in body shapes. some of the girls at work are as slim as this model, others make me look thin. at 16 stone i'm one of the bigger blokes there, but we still have a few who are "beanpoles", and they eat twice as much at work as i do all day.

it's just metabolism & genetics.
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happinessisagun Photographer
stunning - wonderful composition, beautiful woman
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Wonderful composition, so lovely... but... this girl is really one I'd love to feed with some noodles and potatoes. Slender girls are wonderful. But when you see the ribs you should start worrying.
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Très belle photo !
J'aime beaucoup le triangle entre les chevilles et les genoux. Très bonne idée les chaussettes bleues.
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SHE is Just Right. The Photo is Perfect.
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a lovely shot!

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Very thin girl, but amazing none the less
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Why do people keep stating the obvious? She's thin. Yeah. Duh.

That doesn't have to mean she has an eating disorder or anything. None of you people actually know her, so how the hell can you judge her? If she was fat none of you would be saying how unhealthy she is and how you don't like it. Every body is different. Some people are naturally or healthily thin just as some people are naturally and healthily curvy/chubby/ect.

Look at the picture! The composition is beautiful, it's loud in its simplicity and the fact that everything about it says "Understatement" makes it oddly complicated to think about. The old dusty flooring, the chipped doorway, the average socks and tattered slippers she's wearing... I adore it! This could be any girl, because we've all done it (walked around naked in socks, a contradicting action by all means).

Her position is delightfully awkward, but her expression looks very comfortable with the situation. This is one of those pieces that can really tell a hundred stories.

Fantastic work!
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I like the photo. I like her but... WHY WEAR SOCKS!
There's nothing more horrible than a beautifull girl nude, in socks...

(Sorry, i have a problem with this kind of things)
((sorry for my english, it isn't my mother lenguage))
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too thin...I don't like her body
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too thin for me
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I like this in an awkward and uncomfortable way. I suspect you want the viewer to feel a bit uncomfortable, though, so good work.
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FlexDreamsProfessional Photographer
инопланетянко )
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she's perfect!
super done!
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She looks so...
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I love this! ^_^
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what a beautiful body.
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thatIamHobbyist Photographer
wow ... had a review of the comments ... and i'm not convinced that either side of the fence really understands.
we have become so accustomed to being accepting of large people (and so much of the world is larger than ever in history) ... so we are cautious and politically correct in speaking about the bodies of large people.

why does this girl (sorry, young woman - it's just i'm old enough to be her mother) not deserve the same respect, appreciation and understanding? i too was this shape and size most of my life ... the only reason i have a few curves now is thanks to having had three children ... i weighed 98 pounds before first getting pregnant, 198 before giving birth and 99 1 month afterward. now almost 20 years later i've gained a few pounds ... i tip the scales at 117.
i like this lovely young woman am healthy & Strong ... people, please look for the beauty in us All!
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she have a child body,but grownup face,my model Sasha is the oposit,..grown body,but child face,i prefer the second,like your "19" and "Nastya-droplet"
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This colours, skinny model and pose makes Your photo quite horror, or "introduction to macabre".
Some kind of emptiness and forecast of something evil standing out of plan.
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