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a very good work, very nice.
shipain's avatar
love location and texture in this shot
JovanR's avatar
Beautiful colors! :)
Assatsu's avatar
where was this photo taken?
another mind-blowing image
TheCandleobra's avatar
This is great! And a backdrop to die for. I like
the way the footwear just fits. ;)
HARUNOBU's avatar
Realy nice picture!!!!
mburleigh8's avatar
what a neat backdrop for this image, good job.
AlexBorodin's avatar
Ох уж мне эти "заброшки" [link]
martinplsko's avatar
Beautiful background.
Dianae's avatar
Hello !

I wanted to let you know that I've featured your gorgeous artwork in this news article : [link]

Please tell me if you want me to remove it

Have a wonderful day,

Philscbx's avatar
Wow, what a spot.
You could be there all day.
I think I'm with *luckylooke on the pose.
tishidelishi's avatar
I love the background.
dive4phil's avatar
Great shot. Enjoy all the color. Humorous outfit
Kaeljia's avatar
I actually don't see the model, I love the wall though and the colors on it...
Frederik21st's avatar
damn, why the sneakers!!!
eckstacy's avatar
The blue sneakers really throw the picture off. They do contrast with the blue on the backdrop but they really do not match with the whole sexy appeal of "her"
technofibre's avatar
I love thin models! thank you
superphilman's avatar
I think this is a great shot. Really...
Amywamy's avatar
I normally love the models you choose, but this girl is waaay too thin.
mtngoat's avatar
i like the composition great back drop
lilbat's avatar
i love the background on this.
polar8888's avatar
beautiful back ground but the modle is wrong for the pix, her pose leves much to be desiered, and her black dress dosn't make her pop
derSchnaps's avatar
nice background!!!
and composition is great to
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