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Amazing colors, lights ,pose and sharpness ..(y)
I love the texture and dimensions of her body and shirt , i guess you wanted the natural look for her body , but still with minimum natural retouch , you could've showed more beauty of her body especially that the photo is somehow taking a cinematic approach,the background colors is perfect and i always love the dark cyan and light yellow for shadow and light technique , but i am searching my self for another original combination for other colors that gives the a close ambiance with different taste and i hope to see other do so too !!
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This is quite a lovely image. Very nice colors and great lighting. Feels almost as though she is underwater. Especially with the movement in her hair. Really great flow with the lines of the shirt moving down her body into her legs and the line of her shoulder following up to her elbow and pointing towards the light. Has a very painterly feel.

I'm glad that you didn't go any darker with the background. I like that she almost blends into the background near the bottom. It helps to create that feeling of floating.

This really is a beautiful image.
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hola amigo la fotografia esta muy bien,la luz es fabulosa, pues le da una atmosfera magica y hace que se vea el contraluz de la mano derecha cosa que queda muy bien, se ilumina media cara, pero no se oscurece la otra parte ( un reflector ) supongo, por otro lado esta la pose muy muy bonita, es justo en eso donde veo el unico y pequeño fallo, bajo mi modesta y aficionada opinion creo que quedaria mas bonita y recalco bajo mi opinion, si la modelo hubiera cruzado un poco mas las piernas no distraeria tanto el blanco que tiene entre medias
aun asi la foto es genial

un fuerte abrazo y que pases un buen fin de semana
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Beautiful model, I love the lighting, well done!
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Here is why that picture is so f-ing perfect, to me.

First off, women just look so great in men's shirts. Not just because it is bloody revealing, no it is because it conjures up images of that glorious morning after. She just got up, grabbing that shirt by convenience, for what little warmth it can provide on a fresh day.
Mingle in that awesome sent of coffee brewing freshly on the counter. Not a fancy espresso or some such, but rather an old fashioned coffee machine, producing that sweet peculating sound, that I at least find very soothing.
The first light breaks through the windows, bathing her in a glorious glow. That moment she turns. The shirt slips, she looks toward the bed, and paints that Mona Lisa smile on her cheeks.

Man that is a great moment, comes around far too seldom, in my experience. Any way I am drunk, it's probably all in my head :-D
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Great lighting. So soft. The shadows and highlights are amazing. 
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I'm in love with the lighting in this. It has a sureal feel to it. The modle looks great too. I like her facial expression. The whole picture feels like you're emurging from a dream.
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She is immaculate!
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I realise this might be a slightly odd detail to pick on, but I *love* the light on the hair of her right leg.

Also, yet another all-round lovely image. :)
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glorious light and mood... beautifully done...!
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what an amazing shot... beautiful lighting.. and the pose of the model.. a million thumbs up..
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Wonderful work...:heart:...!!!
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Jeez, I usually don't comment on things, but this has got to be one of the most beautiful works I've seen. I love the light descending from above and the sort of casual "hey I just woke up" look with the button down blouse. Honestly, this is inspiring me to write a poem or story based on this. I love all your works, but this is definitely going in my super-faves lol. :#1:
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I like the way her right hand is silhouetted behind the fabric and at the same time the rest of her is contrasted in front of it. What leaves me puzzled about this picture is how her hair on the right of the picture can stand up like that. It's alive!
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Have always been fan of your work.....

This is no different.... i have seen u been using natural light more often than artificial this one is good as well...
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Beautiful sensual,great light...very nice!
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i like your work, but most most of your models look anorexic and unhealthy :O what's so wrong in having just a little bit of curves?
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